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GOP Lawmaker Accuses Rival
of Lying with Claims on Taxes
Speaker ally decries conservative foe's taxpayer warrior portrayal based on East Texas council vote.

French Joins Parade of Primary
Challengers in Rematch Races
Tarrant tussle could have top price tag on first-round battlefield amid leadership uncertainty.

Megadonor Death and Tragic
Implications Stun Texas Dems

Party loses top donor for the second time in nine years as Mostyn death notice has suicide hint.

Rinaldi Says Snub Confirms
Select Panel Sham Theory

Straus adversary portrays cold shoulder on hearing request as foregone conclusion proof.

Alvarado May Hold Off on CD 29
in Favor of Special Senate Bid

Ex-SA Councilman Gives Straus
Race Latest Family Brand Name

Texas GOP Transforms Bribery
Question into Fundraising Tool

Primary Rivals Pop Up on Right
of Ex-State Lawmaker Spouse

Huberty Buries House Exit Talk
with Re-Election Race Launch

State Dem Chief Sees Texas
as Future for National Party

Hailey's Comment: Trump Texas Honeymoon Ends with Harvey Relief Feud
GOP leaders here may feel like they'd been strung along with recovery vows until after Dallas fundraiser.

Texas House Speaker
Team Rolls Out Primary Priority Rankings for 2018

Lawmaker Who Backs Conservative Heaped Praise on Primary Foe

Texas House Candidates
Texas Senate Candidates
Texas Statewide Hopefuls

Best of Texas Special Session: Summer Stars Few and Far Between
Top 10 comes up short in summer meeting at Capitol where bar for success was lowest in memory.

Chamber Chiefs Lead
All-Star Team as Regular Session MVPs in 2017

Senate Boss Wrote Script as Control Freak Auteur

Speaker Let House Work
Will with Cover Strategy

Four Price Helen Giddings
Joan Huffman Dan Flynn
gif maker

Who should play Rick Perry in Sandra Bullock Wendy Davis movie?

Josh Brolin
Pierce Brosnan

Woody Harrelson
Tommy Lee Jones
Bill Murray

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