Which Texas House incumbent has toughest re-election race?

Cindy Burkett
Tony Dale
Tim Kleinschmidt
J.M. Lozano
Kenneth Sheets

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

GOP Caucus Boss Hopeful Keeps
Cards to Chest on Speaker Race

Republican who's backed Straus in past says it's too early to take sides on Turner challenge.

Poll Shows Davis Falling Short
in Quest for Votes in Key Blocs

Democrat fails to gain ground in new survey amid Abbott strength in crucial voter categories.

TMA Could Hit Tea Party Nerve
with SD 10 Endorsement Plans

Doctors prepare to throw muscle behind Democrat for Senate in move that goes against odds.

Wendy Davis Hopes ACL Raffle
is Winning Gimmick War Ticket

House Race Soars Up Watch List
Amid Border Straight-Shooting

Patrick Lands TMA Endorsement
Despite Expansion Disagreement

Ex-Judge Could Get Major Plum
in Senate Chair Lineup Shuffle

Democrats Seek to Capitalize
on NFL Star Troubles in Texas

Future Senate Conservatives
Seek Solidarity as Voting Bloc

Internal Polling Tells Candidates
What They Want to Hear in Texas

Davis Pleads No Connection
as Foes Try to Call Her Bluff

Davis Pleads No Connection
as Foes Try to Call Her Bluff

Hailey's Comment: Davis Needed Blowout Win that Failed to Materialize
Debate ends in deadlock that's tantamount to Abbott win in light of separate objectives and brief composure rattling for Dem.

Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
Competitive contests have potential for handful of Dem gains if GOP doesn't pick up a couple instead.

Governor's Race Primer:
Greg Abbott vs. Wendy Davis
Facts and Stats and More

Top Texas ballot attraction by the numbers - polls, cash, ads, bio data and state political trends.

Rick Perry's Wild Odyssey
as Texas Governor Accused

Statewide Fall Lineups

Texas House Fall Lineups

Texas Senate Fall Lineups

Congressional Fall Lineups

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