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Voter ID Bill Pulled from Brink
of Death with Emergency Tag

SB 5 gets last-minute life-saving boost after long stall as plan to keep federal oversight at bay.

House Backs Bathroom Plan
in Monumental Capitulation

Democrats warn of suicide spike and civil rights regression with diluted transgender restroom limits

School Safety Plan Could Be
Bathroom Bill Backup Vessel

Security measure with terrorism alerts possible last resort for ride hitch on Patrick demand.

House Leaders Outfox Patrick
with Property Tax Fallback Play

Speaker team prevents hijacking with backup vessel ride that circumvents east wing ultimatum.

Perseverance Finally Pays Off
for Texas Driver Texting Ban

SB 2 Misstep Prompts House
Reboot on Property Tax Plan

Canon Sets Sights on Veteran
Solon in Revived Run to Right

House Democrats May Face
Toughest Decision of Session

Sudden Halt on Tax Vote
May Be Message for Patrick

TERP Bill Backers Feel Angst
Amid House Pit Stop in Stretch

Hailey's Comment: Patrick Could Lead Charge to Put State Party on New Path
GOP chair's sudden exit gives Senate chief's fans chance to reclaim control and put end to impossible balancing act.

Top Texas House Floor Fighter Rankings for the 2017 Regular Session
Anti-toll road triumvirate deals Trump visions blow in ring with brass rail for ropes and unique battle styles.

Issue Tracker

Super Majority Class
Clout Rising for GOP
in the Straus House

New chairs take big leap in the west wing where one crashes glass ceiling and Democrats get bump.

Patrick Partisan Senate
Power Purge Has GOP Upstarts Moving Up

Legislature Power Rankings
Lois Kolkhorst Lyle Larson
Eddie Lucio III Larry Taylor

Sabrina Brown Jesse Ancira
Billy Phenix Jessica Oney

Women Rising Amid
Newcomer Flood and
Perry Value Visions

Return from dead as Trump cabinet pick is sidebar to tale of competition explosion.

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Hall of Fame
gif maker

Which Senate Democrat has been best floor fighter in 2017?

Sylvia Garcia
Jose Rodriguez

Jose Menendez
Royce West
John Whitmire

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