Who could gain most politically from Rick Perry case?

Ted Cruz
Wendy Davis
Rosemary Lehmberg
Michael McCrum
Rick Perry

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

Perry Crime Saga Five-Act Play
with Political Salvation Potential

Governor winning early PR war in case with more layers than simple narrative suggests.

Perry Puts Faith in Trial Lawyer
Despite Potential for Backlash

Defense team leader choice highly risky in light of bad blood with donors and other factors.

Perry Ice Cream Photo Worth
Thousand Words on Persona

Governor caps off booking process with photo tweet that appears part taunting and flaunting.

Texas Legislator Envisions State
Military Operations Across River

GOP Lawmaker Calls for State
Probes on DA's Car Wreck Costs

MQS Blames GOP Speaker Allies
for Setting Stage for Indictments

Lame Duck Love Doesn't Inspire
Major Wagon Circling for Perry

Perry Decries Theatrical Travesty
and Vows that Accusers Will Pay

Judge and Special Prosecutor Looked Perry Friendly at First

GOP Governor Learns Hard Way
Don't Mess with Travis County

State Senators Trade Soft Jabs
Amid Plans for Lite Gov Debate

Hailey's Comment: Texas Dems Can Probably Plan
on Kissing PIU Goodbye

Partisan suspicions in Perry case signal probable end to Travis DA's hold on unit after decade of mulling.

Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
Dems face threat of losing two seats that tilt GOP with shots to trim losses with underdog wins.

Statewide Fall Lineups
Texas House Fall Lineups
Texas Senate Fall Lineups
Congressional Fall Lineups

Best of the Texas Primary Election: Tea Party Honors Sweep with Big Exception
Conservatives excel in most first-round fights in trend that key speaker ally survives with stellar showing in March.
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