Who would be best to play Governor Perry in the movie adaptation?

Pierce Brosnan
Michael Douglas
Richard Gere
Tom Hanks
Kevin Spacey

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

Down-Ballot Campaigns Looking
for Love at the Labor Day Restart

Legislative battles barely on radar as Perry travails and race to replace him monopolize spotlight.

Abbott Does Double Flip Flop
with Dallas Debate Juggling

Dems brand AG as coward amid on-again off-again maneuvering on gubernatorial debate.

Patrick Gives Artistic Semantics
Lesson that Dems Decry as Lie

GOP lite gov nominee crafts react to court ruling with escape hatches that give counter ammo.

School Finance Ruling Could
Inspire 1992 Plan Resurrection

GOP Speaker Allies Doing Battle
for Caucus Leadership Opening

New Texas Governor Could Face
Pardon Dilemma on Predecessor

Democrats Liken Perry Behavior
to TV Show on Killer Politician

Ex-Senator's Daughter who DA
Beat Emerges in Governor Case

Governor Nominees Missing
in Reaction on Perry Saga

Perry Puts Faith in Trial Lawyer
Despite Potential for Backlash

Democrats Can Probably Plan
on Kissing the PIU Goodbye

Hailey's Comment: Perry Draws Conservative Wrath with New Team Additions
Governor who'd played both sides finds trick tougher in tea party era on double duty with campaign and crime fight.

The Accused: Rick Perry
Crime Saga Primer Explores Wild Odyssey's Opening Act

Condescend version of Texas-sized tale with partisan warring and multiple layers from cast to charges to counter attack and other story lines.

Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
Dems face threat of losing two seats that tilt GOP with shots to trim losses with underdog wins.

Statewide Fall Lineups
Texas House Fall Lineups
Texas Senate Fall Lineups
Congressional Fall Lineups

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