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GOP Chair Hands Party Chiefs
Removal Tool on Silver Platter

Local party boss who caught voters asleep foreshadows demise with Trump visit performance.

Father Joins Anti-Trump Forces
as Son Treads Fragile Ground

Ex-George W advisor wages guerilla warfare as father of George P aide caught in crossfire.

Tale of Two Texas Battleground Strategies for the Republicans
Trump logic tough to decipher with travel plans unlike last time state came into play in 1996.

Trump Does 180-Degree Turn
on Signature Issue in Austin

Texas Dems Say GOP Leaders
and Trump All Running Scared

House Challenger Could Be
Face of Texas Dems Future

Future House Dem Sets Austin
Fundraising Debut in Win Wake

Trump Austin Rally Plans Have
Myriad of Implications and Risks

Pro-Trump Texas Pair Make
Calls that Experts Shoot Down

Ted Cruz Re-Election Campaign
May Be No Guarantee for 2018

Perry Ignores Damage Control
Commandment with Analysis

Texas GOP Voters Get Fickle
with Dramatic Shifts on Cruz

AG Returns Fire in Gun Feud
after Counter Response Snub

Politics Will Be Ultimate Big 12
Expansion Plan Game Changer

Hailey's Comment: Father
Joins Anti-Trump Forces as Son on Fragile Ground

Ex-George W advisor wages guerilla warfare as son who's George P aide caught in crossfire within GOP.

Crystal Ball Forecast

Trump Trainwreck Boosts
Odds for Clinton Texas Win
with Uncommon Coalition

GOP House Majority Would
Be in Jeopardy if Democrats
Replicated 2008 Gain Rate

Texas Democrats Have Nothing to Lose But Need Wave for Big Gains
Rankings feature five more House races that could be in play if Trump poll slump has down-ballot shock waves.

Statewide Poll Date Trump Clinton
Public Policy Polling 08-14 44% 38%
Dixie Strategies 08-09 46% 35%
University of Texas 06-19 41% 33%
Leland Beatty 06-14 37% 30%

GOP Nominees Armed
with $5 Million for House
Fights with Dems in Fall

Total fundraising and campaign surplus stats for 54 Texas House races with major party nominees in November election.

Texas House Candidates
Texas Senate Candidates
U.S. House Candidates
Statewide Bids & SBOE

gif maker
Arnold Public Affairs

What was Donald Trump's top reason to have rally in Austin?

Confuse the Media
Intimidate Ted Cruz

Prevent Blue Wave
Shore Up Base
Turn Travis Red

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