Davis Kaufman

Which Greg Abbott advisor will be most valuable on his staff?

Drew DeBerry
Randy Erben
Daniel Hodge
Julia Rathgeber
Luis Saenz

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

New Patrick Staff Doesn't Have
Hard-Line Conservative Edge

New lite gov who ran far to right puts experience over ideology with newly assembled team.

Aggie Regents Put Name Change
on Hold after Opposition Erupts

Push to name building after Perry stalls amid resistance in public and behind scenes.

GOP Celebrates Council Wins
as the Capital City Goes Purple

Voters in place that Abbott dubbed Republic of Austin follow state trend in non-partisan races.

Perry Camp Spawns Cruz Motive
Theory with Straus Accusations

Oil Price Fall Casts Uncertainty
Clouds over Texas Legislature

Perry Passes on Opportunity
for Partisan Gamesmanship

Tesla Fielding Lobby Superstar
Team for Revived Texas Blitz

Senate Freshman Pushes Plan
for Texas HS Playoff Size Limits

New AG's Staff Has Ties at Top
to Guest Star from Winning Race

Warring GOP Forces Could Be
on Colission Course in HD 17

College Playoff Panel Stacked
Against Big 12 from the Start

Kolkhorst Sees Voter Mandate
in Special Senate Race Victory

Hailey's Comment: Texas Recession Fear Could Boost Industry Capitol Leverage
Tax breaks floated as fracking ban react plan filed as state lawmakers weigh ways to mitigate shale patch decline.

Tea Pary Tangle with Party Establishment Tops Texas Political News Rankings
Internal warfare tops Perry crime saga and Dems demolishment on list of top stories on state politics here in past year.

Political Consultants Scorecard: Winning Isn't Everything in Wave Grade
Strategist who pulled rug on foes rosy claims and hands-on local expert share MVP honors on all-star team for fall.

Best of the General Election: Coastal Comeback Surpasses Predictions on Photo Finish
Open race rebound relied on good defense to prevent hurricane haunting as forgotten county tips final scale.

Best of the General Election: Challenger Turned Liability
to Asset with Sincerity Charm

Underdog who seemed clueless at first gets in position to ride red wave with grit, guts and rare authenticity for politico world.

Rick Galindo

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