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GOP Speaker Answers Insults
with Praise as Caucus Meets
Straus may have stronger gavel grip despite criticism based on private meeting reports.

Abbott Blames Speaker Despite Local Tax Bill Demise in Senate
Finale spurs finger-pointing frenzy despite admission on warnings and consensus need.

Senate Balks on Property Taxes as Session Ends on Empty Note
Session comes to abrupt halt with ample irony and shutout on marquee summer measures.

House Republicans Hold Nose with Education Funding Vote
House OKs plan Senate watered down before ending session early without local tax accord.

Senate Boosts Blowup Odds
on Potential 2018 Launch Pad
Risky move could lead to situation similar to 2013 meltdown that Patrick used as launching pad.

Senate Republicans Roll Dice
with House Tax Plan Rejection

House Leaders Employ Nuclear Option with Property Tax Plan

Speaker Foes Turn Up Heat
in GOP Caucus Quorum Bid

Several Big Issues Still in Air
as the Success Count Hits Five

Hailey's Comment: California Dems May Give Governor Recruiting Win
Abbott push could pay off as firm led by Democratic donors beats Buffett Oncor bid.

Breaking Even Cause
for Cheer in Session
with Minimal Winners
Local governments and business may be biggest winners after lightning dodge this summer in Austin.

Chamber Chiefs Lead
All-Star Team as Regular Session MVPs in 2017

Senate Boss Wrote Script as Control Freak Auteur

Speaker Let House Work
Will with Cover Strategy

Four Price Helen Giddings
Joan Huffman Dan Flynn

Sabrina Brown Jesse Ancira
Billy Phenix Jessica Oney

Women Rising Amid
Newcomer Flood and
Perry Value Visions

Return from dead as Trump cabinet pick is sidebar to tale of competition explosion.

Hired Gun Lobbyists
Rising Star Lobbyists
Lobby Hall of Fame
gif maker

Which Texas House freshman is the most conservative?

Kyle Biedermann
Briscoe Cain

Cole Hefner
Mike Lang
Valoree Swanson

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