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Exit Strategy Sparks Scramble
for Seat Dems Expect to Keep

Ex-council member, former Senate aide and current lawmaker's son emerge as possibilities.

Trump Turns to Speaker Team
for Reinforcements in Texas

Six Straus allies and no foes on right in Trump advisory group that could affect leadership battle.

Cruz Drops Trump Holdout Amid
Pressure and Threats from GOP

Texan reverses course amid intense heat with social media admission on Trump late train ride.

Swap May Be DOA while Margins Tax Kill Plan Has Shot

Bush Puts Up Personal Cash
as Magnet for Victory Money

Hurd May Be Playing with Fire
with Kasich in Camp in CD 23

Houston Event May Be Sign
of Clinton Camp Uncertainty

Dallas Races Rise to the Top
of Fall Hot Spot Rankings

Travis Prosecutors Pull Plug
on Probe of State Farm Boss

DWTS Could Be Last Hurrah
for Perry Political Ambitions

Israel Delegation Does Texas
Two-Step on President's Race

Hailey's Comment: House Lead May Be Sign Dems Pulled Trigger Too Late
Leader team pollster finds blowout in making as DNC adds Texas to coordinated effort for November vote.

Texas Democrats May Have
Lower Ceiling in Targeted
Fall Races for State House

November gains potential could be less than 2008 due to proactive remap and slower suburban minority growth.

Statewide Poll Date Trump Clinton
Texas Lyceum 09-11 39% 32%
Washington Post 09-01 40% 40%
Public Policy Polling 08-14 44% 38%
Dixie Strategies 08-09 46% 35%

Crystal Ball Forecast

Hillary Could Lift Court
Nominees to Historic Wins
that Snap Statewide Streak

Tight race at top in Texas could give Dems statewide hope wiith GOP straight-party vote drop.

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Texas Senate Candidates
U.S. House Candidates
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Who is Donald Trump's most valuable Texas advisory board member?

Byron Cook
Charlie Geren

Sid Miller
Dan Patrick
Rick Perry

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