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Davis Kaufman

Who would be the best running mate for Hillary Clinton in 2016?

Cory Booker
Julian Castro

Tim Kaine
Bernie Sanders
Elizabeth Warren

Capitol Inside Publisher Named One of the Best
in America

Ted Cruz Defuses Potential Powderkeg By Ending Bid
Texan calls it quits in White House race in move that prevents potential state convention clash.

TDP Allegations Could Affect
Two House Battles This Fall

Texas Dems seek criminal probe into GOP lawmaker and aide who's running for RGV seat.

King Gets Fresh Weapon for OT
Despite Perfect Score for Rival

GOP contenders all get A grades from gun group that limits formal plugs to current lawmakers.

Cruz May Find Ideal Surrender
Spot at State GOP Convention

Texan who vows to go distance could use Dallas appearance to bow out and set comeback stage.

Senate Contender Scores
High-Ranked Endorsement

Straus Allies Pushed Bathroom
Bills that Weren't Primary Issue

GOP Rivals Scramble to Tap
Transgender Bathroom Uproar

RNC Contest in Dallas Could Be
PR Gold for GOP Diversity Push

Cougars and Huskies on Big 12
Tentative Expansion Short List

State Budget Woes Could
Spawn Historic Dilemma

Patrick Warns Against Local
Resistance on Property Taxes

Hailey's Comment: Zero-Based Budget Page from Southern Dem Playbook
Texas Senate GOP leaders crusade for strategy that Jimmy Carter pioneered and Bill Hobby tried out.

Crystal Ball Forecast

Preliminary OT Forecast
Sunny for Speaker Team
Based on Voting Patterns

Establishment has shot at net gain in runoffs if recent trends continue in state where runner-ups won more in overtime.

Texas Legislature Races
to Watch in the Primary Runoff Election in 2016

Top-ranked overtime fights include Senate brawl and half-dozen battles with House war implications.

Texas House Candidates

Texas Senate Candidates

U.S. House Candidates

Statewide Bids & SBOE

Source Book Candidates

Joe Straus
John Raney
Gina Hinojosa
Mike Lang

GOP Speaker Team Effort
is the Cream of the Crop
in the Primary Election

Most Valuable Consultant Raised Longtime Clients from Dead in Primary

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