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Big Texas PACs Stash $25 Million
in Cash Despite Economic Woes

Speaker Taps Hartnett to Lead
Inquiry in HD 48 Election Contest

Dem Says Victory Margin Will
Triple if House Grants Request

Straus Scores Key Endorsement
from Former Craddick Lieutenant

Chisum Camp Says Lawmaker
Gave Green Light on Letter

Chisum Rounds Up Signatures
to Prompt Caucus Speaker Vote

GOP Challenger Wants House
to Override Election Outcome

Perry Reshuffles Communications
Operation on Verge of Third Term

Party Switches Pose Major New
Dilemmas for GOP Map Makers

Ritter Transition Goes Smoothly
while Pena Triggers Firestorm

Kuempel Scores First Round
Knockout in Special Election

Williams Undaunted by Possible
KBH Rivalry or Dewhurst Money

Ex-Democrats Get Red Carpet
Treatment in Joint Party Switch

Some Republicans Not Backing
Straus Despite Fundraising Help

Texas Democrats Want Ritter
to Resign and Run as Republican

House Dem Switching Parties
as Valley Lawmaker Mulls Move

Speaker's Foes Staging Protests
in Targeted Republicans' Districts

Austin Lobbyist in `Reggie Mode'
after Surviving Harrowing Ordeal

Legislators Face High Legal
Hurdles in Budget Cuts Quest

Budget Hole Could Be Deeper
than Expected Despite Cutbacks

Governor Signals Plans to Seek
Funds after Pitch from Democrat

Record Number of Rematches
Could Be on 2012 House Horizon

Dem Wants to End Semantics
Charade by Calling Fees Taxes

Austin Dem Survives Recount
But Not Out of the Woods Yet

Special Race Shaping Up to Be
Reflection of Battle for Speaker

Conservatives Ratchet Up Heat
Amid Illegal Hearing Assertion

Caucus Vote in Speaker's Battle
Gave Illusion of Support in 1981

New RRC Member Hires Attorney
and Campaign Manager for Staff

Gun Group Attack on Speaker
Ripped as False and Deceptive

Straus Foes Keep Caucus Vote
Push Alive Despite Resistance

Hispanic House Numbers Falling
Despite High Population Growth

Straus Incumbent Support Holds
Firm as Freshman Endorses Foe

Paxton's Support from Freshmen
Creates Momentum Appearance

Religious Rhetoric in State House
Speaker's Race Triggers Backlash

Speaker's Fight Goes National
as Big Blog Takes Aim at Straus

Chickasaw Track Bid with Mostyn
on Hold at State Racing Agency

Former Craddick Backer Takes
Offense with GOP Caucus Poll

New TLC Chief Has Seen Texas
Go from One Extreme to Other

Speaker Vote Survey Prompts
Red Flags from Straus Backers

Paxton Pledge Count Rising
at Straus and Chisum Expense

Paxton Plunge into Speaker's
Race Stirs Motivation Questions

Remap Threat Charges Spark
Fierce Rebuke from Speaker

Chisum Says Straus Donations
Left Impression Votes for Sale

Kuempel Son's Name Emerges
as Potential House Candidate

Conservative Split on Speaker
Sparks Internal GOP Warfare

Austin Dem Survives Final Tally
in Race with Challenge Potential

Ex-KBH Staffer and Son of Late
Lawmaker Could Be Candidates

Straus Vows in Letter to Members
to Let State House Work Its Will

Dem's Fragile Lead in Jeopardy
with Verdict Expected Monday

Kuempel Dies from Heart Attack
18 Months after Capitol Collapse

Chisum Touts Caucus Vote Plan
But Straus Says It Doesn't Matter

Straus Pledge List Contains More
than Half of R's Replacing Dems

Howard, Vo and Gallego Survive
Rout as GOP Gains 22 New Seats

Massacre at Ballot Box Puts
GOP Close to Supermajority

Early Vote Devastating for Texas
Democrats Up and Down Ballot

Ad Says House Dems Cashed In
with Mostyn on Storm Lawsuits

GOP Early Vote Research Gives
Republicans Edge in House War

Winning Record in Close House
Races Keeps Dems Hopes Alive

Hispanic Lawmakers Rip Perry
on Ad with Slain Officer's Widow

Conservative State Legislators
Launch New Tea Party Caucus

Big Donor and Lawmaker Ride
to Dems Rescue with PAC Cash

Democrats Shift Pair of House
Battles to Higher Priority Status

GOP Hopefuls Raise $2 Million
More for Hottest House Fights

White Running in Place in Polls
Despite Rasmussen Status Shift

Bad Blood Boils Over as Turner
Decries Payoff Money Ad Slam

ACC Duo Predict Turnout Closer
to Presidential Election in 2004

House Hopeful Vows to Persevere
Despite Cancer and Surgery Plan

Chisum Opposed Selection Plan
that He Backs Now as Candidate

Survey Points to 11-Point Perry
Lead and Tort Reform Support

Local Dem Leader Backs GOP
Challenger after Quitting Post

Harris County Early Voting Soars
as Turnout Doubles in Big Cities

GOP Challengers Win Third Quarter
Cash Race in Top Congress Fights

Poetry Slam Diatribe Pops Up
as Weapon in Hot House Race

Sales Tax Shot that Sunk Senate
Bid is Popular Weapon for Dems

House Attack Ads Take Liberties
as Line Blurs on Truth and Fiction

Chisum Bid Sparks Speculation
on Curious Coalition for Speaker

House Candidates on the Attack
Online in Record Numbers in 2010

Legendary Auto Dealers Lobbyist
Who Aspired to be Speaker Dies

Perry Vows to Join Conservatives
in Tax Cut and Immigration Push

Top Dem Donor Poised to Pump
More Cash into House Campaigns

GOP Triple-Teams Dems in House
Cash Race with Wealth-Sharing

Carter Says Accidental Attack Ad
Exposes Negative Politics Trend

Texas House Cash Leaders
in Final Month Before Election

NRA Endorsements Give Several
House Dems Critical Ammunition

Mostyn Keeps Dem PACs Step
Ahead in Competition for Cash

Republicans Run Up the Score
in Cash Chase for State House

Bill White Touts Party Affiliation
in New Spanish Television Spot

Republicans Grade from A to D
as Most Dems Flunk Group's Test

The Social Network Texas Style:
White Leads Popularity Contest

National Magazine Says Dem
Gains in Texas House Possible

Ike Settlement Fight Conjures
Tobacco Lawsuit Comparisons

Uribe Fires Warning on Potential
Perry White House in Cash Pitch

House Poll Hints of GOP Tsunami
with Challenger Leading Strama

Perry Pollster Finds Voter Disdain
for Candidates with Lawyer Cash

Gangsta Rap Wrangling Sparks
Memories of CLEAT Ice-T Boycot

Isaac Says Rose Lying on Taxes
as Desperation Tactic in TV Spo

Video Compares Dem's Education
Reply to Famous Pageant Gaffe

House Poll by Dems Shows Big
Perry Lead in Key Battleground

Texas House Race Polling Sparks
War of Words in Northeast Texas

GOP Challenger Tailors Contract
for House Race in 1994 Deja Vu

Democrats First Up with TV Ads
in Fall Fights for Texas House

Ex-White Pollster Sparks Intrigue
with Survey for Oklahoma Tribe

GOP House Hopefuls Have Huge
Lead in Generic Ballot Survey

House Dem Says GOP Opponent
Fumbled Facts on Debate Attack

State GOP Follows Up Threat
on Rose with Attack Web Site

Speaker Warns that Rainy Day
Fund Money is No Guarantee

GOP House Hopeful Echoes Same
Sentiments as White on Debates

Hotze Group Reactivates Cash
Match Offer for Targeted Races

Haldenwang Says Harper-Brown
Wrongly Reimbursed for Car Bill

Party Intensifies Focus on Rose
Race Amid Hopes for GOP Wave

Combs Event Spurs Speculation
on Statewide GOP Domino Effec

Lobbyist Who Advised Bullock
Heading Up New Capitol Firm

Poll Shows White Breaking Wave
Despite Perry Lead in Fall Battle

Poll Shows White Breaking Wave
Despite Perry Lead in Fall Battle

New Poll Shows Potential Photo
Finish with Perry Leading by One

New Poll Shows Potential Photo
Finish with Perry Leading by One

Poll Shows Perry Lead Growing
But Dem Numbers May Disagree

White Rips Perry on Fundraiser
Despite Lobby Hosts at D.C. Event

Last National GOP Wave Fizzled
Before Reaching Texas Contests

GOP Boss Ignites War of Words
with Warning on SBOE Debate

Driver Poll Points to Big Lead
Despite Furor on Travel Billing

Environmentalists Target Perry
on State Dirty Dozen List Debut

Swinford's Early Exit Clears Way
for Special Contest in Panhandle

GOP Steps Up Residency Attack
to Keep Key Dem Preoccupied

GOP Steps Up Residency Attack
to Keep Key Dem Preoccupied

GOP Chief Says Dunnam Duped
Constituents on Residency Issue

BACPAC Backs House Democrat
Who GOP Forces Hope to Beat

Dewhurst Helping GOP Hispanics
and Seeking Arizona Law Input

Republicans Talk Libertarians
Out of Key State House Races

GOP Consultant Set for Surgery
after Surviving Airplane Crash

Republican Uses Watchdog's
Review as Campaign Fodder

GOP Challengers Get Break
When Libertarians Quit Races

Rasmussen Shows Governor's
Race Closer than Contest Rating

GOP Playing Catch Up on Ethics
Complaints as Campaign Weapon

Curtain Falls on Residency Saga
as Democrat Cancels Campaign

Cornyn Headlines Fundraiser
for GOP State House Hopeful

Appeals Court Deals Setback
to Democrats in Birdwell Case

Swinford Considers Lobby Role
But Won't Be Part of Casino Push

Democrats Seek Criminal Probe
into Lawmaker's Travel Billing

Conservative White Democrats
are Dying Breed in Legislature

Gilbert Seeks Hardship License
as Staples Touts Arrest Report

Rose Camp Calls Ethics Charge
Personal Vendetta by Developer

Birdwell Legal Team Features
Two Former Key Capitol Players

Special Senate Race Could Pit
Rivals with Racing Industry Ties

Democrat Catches Heat Amid
Accusations of Race Baiting

White Becomes Latest Perry Foe
to Push Ethics Reform Package

White Seeks to Prevent Exodus
of African-American Supporters

Weems Criticizes Obama Energy
Policy Despite Ducking Charges

Harper-Brown Portrays Opponent
as Carpetbagging Leftist on Site

Democrats Take Birdwell to Court
on Residency Issue in SD 22 Race

Ex-Local Party Leader Picked
for SD 22 Slot by County Chairs

Dunnam Says Speaker Violating
Vow with Coordinated Donations

State GOP Envisions Big Turnout
for Rally to Spotlight Obama Trip

Flores Offers to Pick up the Tab
for Obama Town Hall Meeting

PAC Pledges to Match Donations
in Targeted Texas House Battles

Wylys Spent $1 Million on Texas
GOP Politics Before SEC Probe

Democrat Suggests Quid Pro Quo
with Funds that Didn't Materialize

Tough Immigration Plan Faces
Major Obstacles in Legislature

New Senator Rips Resurrected
Allegations on Double Voting

Washington Post Says White Has
50-50 Chance of Winning in Fall

SBOE Spending Mark Shattered
as GOP Slate Stocks Up for Fall

White's Sheriff Endorsement List
Includes Tulia Drug Sting Figure

Birdwell Tapped for SD 22 Slot
after GOP Residency Research

Birdwell Tapped for SD 22 Slot
after GOP Residency Research

Ex-Lawmaker's Husband Ready
to Run for Senate if Seat Opens

President Plans to Raise Funds
for Texas Candidates and Party

Republicans Have Edge in House Fundraising Overall for Fall 2010

Speaker and Party Establishment
Give GOP PACs Fundraising Edg

South Texas Doctors PAC Shifts
Support from Perry to Democrat

Democrats Raise More and Spend
Less for Top House Races to Watch

Trial Lawyer Group Contributes
to Key Democratic Ally's Rival

Targeted Freshmen House Dems
Well Armed for GOP Challenges

Straus Donating to Candidates
Sooner in Cycle than Craddick

Younger Wolff and Lawmakers
Mentioned as Name Game Begins

Straus Donating to Candidates
Sooner in Cycle than Craddick

Miklos Touts Support from Group
that's Taking Aim at Other Dems

Wentworth Could Be Leaving
Senate for Texas A&M Position

Partisan Conservative to Lead
Fight on Federal Interference

Six Senators Could Have New
Roles in Committee Shakeup

Dunnam Says Mercedes Furor
Puts Microscope on All Membe

Ex-UT Star Says Dem Knocked
Him Off Air with Unfair Demands

Track Jockeying Has Potential
to Spark Showdown at Capitol

ART Has Million Bucks in Bank
with Eye on New Seats for GOP

HillCo Pulls Plug on Court Fight
after Judge's Friendly Prodding

Platforms Spotlight Deep Divide
on Hottest Issues for 2011 Session

Austin Bashing Becomes Silent
Treatment on Remap Selections

Lobbyists Accuse HillCo of Smear
Campaign to Fight Competition

Bob Perry Advisor Says Builder
Didn't Put Up Green Party Money

Perry Plans Offshore Energy Effort
as White Strikes with New Video

DPS Sees Security Publicity
and Threats as Coincidence

Straus Takes Hits from Both Sides
Amid Redistricting Speculation

Dems Hold Convention in County
Where GOP's Made Big Inroad

Cash for Hotel Could Be Used
Against Democrats in Future

Richie Wins State Chair Race
Despite Hispanic Opposition

Linda Chavez-Thompson
Rips GOP Hispanic Vote Push

White Says Perry's Been
Shameless Self-Promoter

Hispanic Caucus Turns Against
State Democratic Chairman

Bill Clinton Cash Pitch Could
Give Rick Perry Fresh Ammunition

Legendary Biker Rights Advocate
Left Unique Mark on State Politics

Legislative Study Group Plans
Gambling Fact-Finding Mission

Post-Mortem Analysis Confirms
Tea Party Tidal Wave in SD 22

Younger Olson Brother's Name
Surfaces in SD 22 Speculation

Birdwell Pulls Off Major Upset
in Runoff for State Senate Seat

Conservative Lawmaker Gears
for Battle with House Speaker

Edwards Rips Republican Rival
for Big 12 Grandstanding Claims

Central Figure in Mercedes Furor
Faced Payoff Accusations in 2009

Dems Want Lawmaker Demoted
Amid Criminal Probe Possibility

White Chips Away at Perry Lead
Despite Pounding by Incumbent

Houston Lawmakers Want Big 12
Invitations for Cougars and Frogs

Huckabee Endorsement Could
Be Double-Edge Sword in Runoff

Huckabee Backs Birdwell in Race
in District Where He Fared Well

Country Crooner's Pledge Could
Catch Fire in Anti-Incumbent Year

Special Senate Race Shapes Up
as Grassroots vs. Establishment

Birdwell Blames Fundraising Gap
on Rival's Special Interest Cash

UT Chief Says Political Pressure
Had No Impact on Big 12 Decisio

YCT Takes Aim at Ex-Senator
But New GOP Chair's Neutral

Key State Senator Urges Caution
on Big 12 Legislative Interference

Barton May Seek Congressional
Inquiry on Big 12 Crisis Situation

Texas House Leaders Schedule
Hearing on Big 12 Unraveling

Perry Rips White and Suggests
that Obama Has Texas Grudge

Special Security Pass Pondered
for Frequent State Capitol Visitors

HillCo Says Ex-Associates Sought
to Find Foes for Texas Legislators

Top State Officials Not Planning
to Intervene on Baylor's Behalf

Waco Lawmaker Hopes Big 3
Will Come to Baylor's Rescue

Senator Breaks Silence on Snub
while Questioning McCall Hiring

Democrat Wants Perry to Back Up
Words on Rental Home Decision

Democrats Hoping to Reconnect
with 2008 First-Time Texas Voters

White's Camp Portrays Perry
Plan as Public Relations Ploy

Perry Plans to Launch Massive
Hispanic Voter Turnout Effort

Tea Party Turned Down in Bid
for Booth at State Convention

GOP Chair Says Rivals Desperate
with Mismanagement Complaints

Texas House Democrats Watch
Each Other's Backs with Fund

Deficit Projections Spark Debate
on How Much to Blame Tax Shift

Legislator Finds New Inspiration
on Voter ID in Journey to Iraq

Record Number of First-Time
Delegates Expected in Dallas

Straus Ally Says Dem's Criticism
on Sunset Picks Contradicts Past

Dunnam Accuses GOP Speaker
of Spurning Dems on Insurance

Green Party Resurfaces in Texas
with Fall Slate to Dems' Dismay

Key Democrat Says GOP Speaker
Falling Short on Bipartisan Vows

House Panel to Focus on Barratry
and Asbestos Lawsuit Standards

Sibley's Key to Victory in Runoff
Could Be Votes from Democrats

Dems Hope to Channel Voters
Anger at GOP Majority in Austin

TLR Drops Support for Democrat
and Stays Neutral in House Race

Democrats' Poll Shows Governor
in Possible Peril with Small Lead

Big Three State Leaders Endorse
$1.2 Billion in Budget Reductions

New Poll Shows Perry Surging
to Double-Digit Lead on White

Isaac Has Chance to Capitalize
on Speaker's Role at Rose Event

Perry Makes Cameo Appearance
at Dem Caucus Chair's Fundraiser

Fundraiser Gives Ex-Hutchison
Donors Chance to Make Amends

Fundraiser Gives Ex-Hutchison
Donors Chance to Make Amends

Governor Warns that Democrats
See White as Remap Salvation

Uribe Suggests that Immigration
Reform Push is Mask for Racism

War of Words Shows Dems Take
Perry Seriously in Border Areas

Budget Crisis Deepens as Focus
on Gambling and Cuts Intensifies

Edwards Campaign Debunks Poll
Showing GOP Challenger Ahead

Taylor Keeps Texas House Post
Despite Loss in Special Election

Runoff Loser Wins Rubber Match
in Cancelled Special Election

Republicans Sibley and Birdwell
Headed to Runoff in SD 22 Race

GOP Caucus Chief Declines Offer
on Interim Gambling Panel Study

Sibley Camp Says He's Leading
Despite Poll Showing Foe Ahead

Sibley Cited Personal Finances
and Changed Term Limits Stance

Poll Shows Birdwell Leading
Sibley and Democrat in SD 22

Sibley Points to Term Limits Vow
in Bid for Job He Quit to Honor It

AG Asked How Gay Marriage
Ban Applies to Transsexuals

Sibley Has Huge Fundraising
Lead in Special Senate Battle

Perry Counters Foe's First Spot
with Variety of Charges in Ad

New TV Spot Touts White's Work
as Mayor with Quick Perry Swipe

Birdwell Rips Rival on Cash
for Democrats with GOP Foes

Legislator Says Perry Breaking
Word with Immigration Position

Democrat Says Rental House
Issue in Coyote Shooting Saga

GOP Says MALC Meeting Might
Have Violated Caucus Limitations

Bill Flores Extends Olive Branch
to Perry after Backing Hutchison

GOP Rivals Fight for PR Edge
in Legal Chess Match in SD 22

GOP Speaker Keeps Inside Lane
Despite Key Setbacks in Primary

Senate Hopeful Says Court Order
Puts Debate on Residency to Res

Improbable Coalition Resurrected
in Push for Credit Union Measure

Ninety-Percent of GOP Legislators
Join Conservative Group's Roster

Dallas-Area Primary Winners Set
to Take Oath as House Members

White Narrows Gap in Poll
that Features Unusual Twist

Edwards on Record Money Pace
in Battle with Self-Funding Foe

Stealth Strikes Sink GOP Hopeful
as Ground Game Keys 2nd Win

New Age Coalition Fuels Victories
for Conservatives in Runoff Races

Come from Behind Wins Are Par
But Hispanic Names No Problem

PAC Funded by Key Perry Allies
Blasts Ex-Regent in Robo Calls

Curling Says Rival Cooked Up
Bogus Endorsements for Runoff

Straus Allies Missing from New
Group's Charter Member List

Record Number of Ex-Legislative
Aides Seek House Seats in 2010

Record-Shattering War Chest
Could Be Key to Runoff Victory

Election Chief Won't Intervene
as Eligibility Debate Intensifies

Ogden Donation to House Hopeful
Worth Far More Than Face Value

Dallas Dem Getting Head Start
in Wake of Unconventional Ride

Sibley Challenges Rival Eligibility
Amid Questions on Double Voting

Perry Stays Out of RR Runoff
as Mystery PAC Takes Up Slack

Legislators in Runoffs Get Cash
from Colleagues and Lobbyists

Rivals Swap Barbs on Lobbyist
Trickery and Immigrant Checks

GOP Hopeful Wants Clear Path
for Nominee in Special Election

Chavez Stops Short of Apology
Despite Regrets on Gay Remarks

GOP Candidate Faces Grilling
on Wife at Planned Parenthood

Mud Flies in House Race Amid
Ticking Time Bomb Allegations

Jackson Mocks "Moving Van" Foe
as GOP Rival Ties Her to Obama

Ex-Lawmaker Who Did Time
Becomes Issue in House Runoff

Bush, Barton and Staples Give
Sibley Hand in Comeback Bid

Sharp Puts Bid in Holding Pattern
as GOP Rival Stays in High Gear

KBH Sticking It Out in U.S. Senate
as Shapiro Drops Bid for Fed Post

Rasmussen Finds Press on White
Nicer But Perry in Spotlight More

Activists from Across Texas Could
Pick Nominees for Senate Battle

McCall Edges Out Wentworth
for Texas State Chancellor Job

Caucus Leader Predicts Dry Hole
for GOP with Request for Records

South Texas House Races Could
Be Sizzlers Amid GOP Trending

Taylor Pins Liberal Label on Foe
Despite PAC Leader's GOP Votes

Move Afoot to Draft Doc Anderson
as GOP Nominee for Senate Seat

Recount Gives Miles Closest Win
in House Race in Almost 20 Years

Runoff Rivals Make Questionable
Cases on Who Has Most GOP Ties

Sibley's Recent Job as Lobbyist
Could Be Hot Issue in SD 22 Bid

TAB Backs Lehrmann and GOP
House Trio Including Jones Foe

GOP Challenger Hit with Ethics
Complaint and Hypocrisy Charge

Baylor Professor Planning Bid
as First Democrat in SD 22 Race

State Legislators Say Fed Health
Plan Critical to Efforts in Austin

Birdwell Faces Potential Snag
with State Residency Provision

9/11 Survivor Enters Senate Race
with Key Conservatives Support

Special Elections Have Little
in Common Beyond May Date

Targeted Freshmen Democrats
Team Up on Insurance Reform

GOP Chair Hopeful Rips Adams
on Red Ink and Consultant Pay

Miles Scored Razor-Thin Victory
with Plan that Fueled Late Surge

Sibley Launches Comeback Bid
as Successor Prepares to Resign

7 Primary Races Have Different
Endings than Early Vote Results

Huberty Scores Key Endorsement
from Conservative State Senator

Parent PAC's Trial Lawyer Cash
Erupts as Issue in GOP Runoffs

Crabb Backs Dr. No in GOP
Runoff Fight for Texas House

Edwards Wants Recount in Wake
of Rival's Narrow Win in Rematch

Curling Says Runoff Foe Blamed
Tax Boosts on Leaders in Austin

R's Get More Votes for Less Cash
with Couple of Key Exceptions

Canseco Lands Key Endorsement
with Mercer in Camp for Runoff

Pool of Potential Republican
Senate Hopefuls Growing Fast

Huberty Rips Runoff Foe in Wake
of DA Decision to Toss Complaint

Governor Takes Novel Approach
with No Direct Mail for Primary

Senator Stepping Down in Time
for Special Election This Spring

Republican Claims Belated Win
after First Count Doesn't Add Up

Ex-Senator Emerges as Possible
Replacement Nominee for Averitt

Longtime TML Boss Signs On
with Powerhouse Lobby Shop

Republican Advisors Consolidate
Shops in New Consulting Venture

Merritt Victim of KBH Association
in Biggest House Primary Upset

Six House Members Fall Short
as Senator Who Quit Race Wins

Carrillo Suffers Stunning Defeat
in Only Statewide Race Surprise

Perrys Share Wealth in Primary
Race with Schwertner Donations

Self-Funders Lead Cash Chase
as Taylor Tops Half-Million Mark


Court Ruling Paves Way for Corporate Cash that Helps Beat Texas Dems
GOP challengers who won U.S. House seats had late help from groups that attacked incumbents.

Vote Your District
Elected Officials Legislative Rankings
Capitol Inside VYDEO gauge measures voting records against districts to see who's most in sync with the voters back home.



Top Texas Contributors
Spending Record Amounts Despite Bad Economy

More than two dozen Texans have poured $500,000 or more into state and national politics for 2010 race in spite of lingering economic woes.


The 10 Most Influential
Texas Dems Who Aren't Candidates or Elected

Democrats with most clout in state include trial lawyers, big donors, fundraisers, labor, strategist and legendary ex-statewide leader.



House District 3

House District 45

House District 47

House District 52

House District 56

House District 57

House District 102

House District 138

House District 113


Primary Election 2008

Primary Election 2004

Texas Lobby Power Rankings 2009
Texas Lobby Power Rankings 2007
Texas Lobby Power Rankings 2006
Texas Lobby Power Rankings 2005
Texas Lobby Power Rankings 2004


Perry and GOP Top Primary Winners List

Political Consultants Primary Scorecard


Texas House Cash
Texas Senate Cash
Statewide Races Cash
U.S. Senate Cash
U.S. House Cash
Top Texas PACs Cash
Top Texas Donors

All-Star Team for Session
Dominated by Moderates
First team has equal number of Dems and Republicans with moderate flavor for session that took center lane approach.

First Team
Honorable Mention

House Power Chart Undergoes Massive Overhaul in 2009
75 House members and and 20 senators with most clout in session.


Dozen House Primary Battles
May Need Runoffs to Decide

South Texas Brawl Soars to Top
on House Primary Attack Chart

Trial Lawyers and School Groups
Rally Behind GOP House Hopeful

Ex-Voter ID Sponsor Says Smith
Saw Positive Side to Bill's Death

Zedler Accuses GOP Primary Foe
of Political Piracy with Mail Piece

House Candidate Laments Rivals
Attacks while Firing Shots at Both

Mud Fest: Top Ten Hottest House
Primary Fights for Attack Politics

Perry Gives to House Republican
after Donating First to Challenger

Out-of-State Labor Money Gives
Democrat Big Fundraising Lead

Plano Primary Has Top Price Tag
as Border Battles Draw Big Bucks

New Poll Points to GOP Runoff
while Medina's Negatives Soar

Straus Leadership PAC Rides
to Rescue of Key House Allies

Ads Reflect Partisan Conversion
as Candidates Hit the Airways

Turner Protests Primary Rival's
Radio Ad Due to Factual Error

Jackson Alleges Resume Fraud
But Critics Say She's Hypocrite

Ogden Says GOP Rival Catering
to Prejudices at Senate Debate

Hotze's Group Splits with Other
Conservatives on 5 House Races

GOP Primary Fight Turns Brutal
in High Priority House Campaign

Shami Says Campaign Stronger
after Aides Quit in Email Disaste

Past Elected Positions Could Be
Liability in Anti-Incumbent Year

Bill Clements Backs Perry Despite
Contributions to Hutchison in 2009

Ex-Chief Justice Played Key Role
in Search that Led to Starr Hiring

SBOE Races Could Have Higher
Price Tag than Battles of 1990s

Polls Put Governor on Verge
of Win with Medina Defections

Perry and White Way Up in Poll
as Sharp Leads U.S. Senate Race

Medina Declines to Rule Out
9/11 Conspiracy Theory Initially

State GOP and House Candidates
Partly in Synch on Priority Issues

Environment Group Endorses
76 Legislators Including 4 R's

Bikini Video and Stupid Remark
Spark Flaps in GOP House Fights

Perry and White Hold Bid Leads
in New Credit Union League Poll

Kinky Pitch Jump Starts Debate
on Who Deserves Credit for 1982

Ogden Revived Re-Election Bid
to Stop Bius from Replacing Him

White Links Perry to Washington
at Otherwise Gentle Dem Debate

Medina Closes In on KBH in Poll
that Finds Perry and White Ahead

Bius Says Senator Has Conflict
in Light of Daughter's Lobby Job

8 Challengers Top Six Figures
as Incumbents Raise Tons More

Hutchison Gives Super Bowl
Fans Tour of Perry Attack Shack

Caraways Split on Primary Fights
for Governor and Texas House

Roger Williams Says Fundraising
Lead Will Be Tough to Overcome

Democrats Find Cash in Short
Supply for Lt. Governor's Race

Hutchisons Could Make History
as Couple if KBH Loses March 2

Johnson Appeals for Party Unity
Amid Some Resistance in HD 100

Gilbert Adds Farmers Union
Announcemet to Blooper List

KBH Rips Perry on Lobby Ties
Despite Her Own Vulnerability

Challenger Wins Endorsements
from Lawmakers Amid Fallout

New Poll Shows White Trailing
All Three Republican Candidates

Recession Takes Bite in House
Primary Cash Chase in January

Hodge Halts Campaign and Plans
to Resign Early with Plea Bargain

Sparks Fly in GOP House Battle
in One of Hottest Races in State

GOP House Hopefuls Take Bids
to Airways in Hot Primary Fights

Perry Widens Lead as Medina
Gains Ground on KBH in Poll

Dunnam Unhappy with Speaker
for Denying Special Panel Prob

Medina Hits GOP Foes Hardest
But Perry Prevails in Reviews

Speaker's Re-Election Depends
on Primary Fights and Fall Races

Endorsement Derby Hits High
Gear for GOP House Hopefuls

TAB Adds Pair of Challengers
to List of Endorsements in 2010

BACPAC Backs Delwin Jones Foe
and GOP Incumbents and 6 Dems

Realtors Back Perry and Most
Legislators in Primary Battles

Yancy Says Anti-Discrimination
Position Prompted Suspension

Copelin Returning to Statesman
after Stint in State Government

Top 40 Texas Donors Spend
$22 Million on Politics in 2009

Several House Challengers
Score Conservatives Support

Legislators Back Gilbert Despite
White Criticism and New Furor

Veteran GOP Activist Launches
Bid for State Party Chair's Post

Some KBH Donors Give Bigger
Sums to White's Governor Bid

Top Five Reasons for Governor
to Give Cold Shoulder to Editors

Paper Slams House Democrat
and Backs Primary Foe Instead

GOP Sees Texas Foreshadowing
in Upset But Democrats Disagree

Adams Reaffirms Neutrality Vow
as Candidate Touts Endorsement

Medina Surges at Major Rivals'
Expense in GOP Primary Fight

House Hopeful Scores Support
from Conservative Congressman

White Keeps Pace with Top GOP
Rivals Despite Federal Restraints

Three Candidates Tripped Up
By State Ban on Dual Races

Green Party Texas Revival Could
Hurt Democrats in Close Contests

Perry's Rivals Take Turns Firing
Shots at Him in First GOP Debate

Craddick Loyalist Defends Straus
Decision on Chief of Staff Choice

Senate Race Thrown into Chaos
as Averitt Drops Re-Election Bid

Top Texas House Primary Races
Have Major Entertainment Value

Chief of Staff Selection Sparks
Speculation on Speaker's Race

Swinford Backs Leal in HD 87
Partly Because He's Not Lawyer

Straus Elevates Parliamentarian
to Job as Chef of Staff at Capitol

Incoming GOP Chair is Divorce
Lawyer for Recruited Candidate

Ex-Football Hero in Texas Tech
Furor Weighs U.S. Senate Bid

KBH Polls Show Two-Point Lead
that Could Be Good News or Bad

GOP Has Twice as Many Shots
at Takeovers in State House Bids

GOP Sees Big Boost in Congress
and Legislative Hopefuls in Texas

Dems Fired Up By 11th-Hour Bids
But GOP Sees More Opportunities

House Dems on Defensive in Fall
But GOP Has More Primary Fights

Consultant's Death Sends Shock
Waves through Political Circles

Ex-Legislator Who Moonlights
as Actor Files Land Boss Bid

Democrats May Have Last-Minute
Replacement in U.S. House Race

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