Speculation Rises on Changes
with Business and Local Taxes

SD 6 Fight Could Have Monster
Price Tag if Trial Lawyer Plays

Special Senate Election Date
Gives Republicans Head Start

Powerhouse Lobbyist Emerges
in Furor on State Cancer Agency

Lawmaker Attempts to Give Rival
Dose of Own Medicine on Taxes

Straus Foe Suffers Early Setback
with Ex-Opponents Crossing Over

Simpson Enters Speaker's Battle
with Anti-Retribution Tactics Vow

Ex-GOP Lawmakers Try Hands
as Hired Guns in Lobby Venture

Texas House Budget Panel Gears
for Cancer Agency Grant Inquiry

Caucus Boss Will Be Up for Grabs
with GOP Roster Set for Overhaul

New House Freshmen Fueled
Campaign Tanks with Red Ink

New Perry Chief of Staff Doesn't
Fit Political and Lobby Ties Mold

State Dem Chief Gives Glimpse
of Arsenal in Turkey Day Email

Campaign Feud Triggers Court
Fight with Landmark Potential

Speaker Keeps Backers Names
Under Wraps as Crossfire Shield

Larson Proposals Could Put Perry
and Tea Party on Opposite Sides

Republican Lawmaker May Have
Straus Help Despite Map Charges

Dems Surpass Partisan Standards
of Past En Route to Modest Gains

Straus Challenger Backs Plan
to Decentralize House Power

Cruz Sees Compromise Potential
as Dems Get Rare Texas Respect

Lawmaker Eyes Senate Opening
Despite Survey with Lawyer Ties

Anti-Straus Conservatives Launch
Coordinated Push for Challenger

Dems Win Favored House Races
and Senate Fight in Fall Election

GOP Tightens Statewide Lock
as Romney and Cruz Win Easy

Speaker Map Bashing Has
Potential to Backfire in 2013

Coastal Fight Commands Share
of Top Spot on Texas Heat Index

Desperate Dems Could Get Boost
with Eva Longoria Statewide Bid

Key Advisor's Shift to Campaign
Sparks Speculation on 2014 Bid

Lawyer at Heart of Sex Scandal
Has Mercurial Political Resume

Veteran House Democrat Loans
Campaign Six-Figures in Stretch

Senate Dem Pads Money Lead
as Price Tag Soars in Tarrant

Photo Finish Endings Could Be
Shaping Up in Seven Key Races

Spurs Coach and Owner Take
Opposite Sides in CD 23 Race

Spurs Coach and Owner Take
Opposite Sides in CD 23 Race

Democrats Rev Up Cash Chase
Amid Upset Visions in HD 136

Top 10 Races that Could Defy
Partisan Voting Trends of Past

Incoming House Republicans Use
Informal Orientation for Bonding

Dems Could Pick Up Half-Dozen
House Seats or More in Hot Races

Weber Sounds Alarm as Lampson
Cash Makes Contest Look Closer

Perry Call on Special Election
Carries High Risks and Rewards

Special Senate Election Could
Draw Record Competitor Field

Senator's Death Will Force Dems
on Defensive in Houston Contest

YCT Spurns Several Joe Straus
Backers in House Endorsements

Harris Latinos Brace for Power
Battle with Senator Near Death

Senate Dem in GOP Crosshairs
Widens Lead in Fundraising

Former Speaker's Daughter Adds
Half-Million More to War Chest

Republican Who Donors Spurned
Turns 2010 Skeptics into Believers

UT and Lobby Heavyweights
Raising Cash for Senate Dem

Perry Adviser Trio Shift to Lobby
Roles Spurs Replay Speculation

Ex-Legislative Intern Returning
to Austin as West Virginia Coach

Shelton Seeks Criminal Probe
on Sweetheart Dealing Charges

Poll Shows Texans in Tune More
with Democrats on Major Issues

Undecided Leading Democrats
in Generic Down-Ballot Contests

Cantu Role at TDP McAllen Event
Fuels Castro Governor Bid Buzz

House Republican Who's Been
Straus Foe Teams Up on Event

Democrats Hopes on Upswing
in Competitive Suburban Races

Democrat Sets Stage for Ad War
with Positive Spot and Warning

Speaker Rejects Armey Advice
as Partisan Gridlock Prescription

Combs Joining Last Straus Foe
at Fundraiser for Conservative

Group that Targets Straus Gives
Texas GOP Delegation B-Minus

Dewhurst Weighs Zaffirini Role
while Gearing for Laredo Event

Conservatives Won Two-Thirds
of Contests that Weren't Wash

Future Texas House Republicans
Guests at Freshman's Fundraiser

State Senate Leader Faces Major
Adaptation Challenges for 2013

Six Districts that Have Gone Both
Ways at Heart of Partisan Warring

State Warns of Electoral Chaos
if LULAC Prevails in Map Fight

Veteran GOP Strategist Replacing
Longtime Bureaucrat in RRC Job

Houston Area Conservatives May
Win Big in Senate Musical Chairs

Straus Plans to Take AG Advice
on Maps Instead of Dishing It Out

MALC Chief Seeks Intervention
from GOP Speaker in Map Fight

Castro Speech Raises Specter
of Potential White House Race

Voter ID Law Meets Same Fate
as GOP Maps with Court Defeat

TEXPAC Backs Doctor for Senate
But Stays Out of Race Next Door

Lawmakers Could Be Going Back
to Redistricting Drawing Boards

Speaker Donates to GOP Group
that Won't Target House Dems

Dewhurst Sets Conservative Tone
with Senate Budget Boss Choice

Williams Bounces Back from Loss
as Perry Pick for Education Chief

Texas Delegation Finds Respect
Elusive at Convention in Tampa

Dems Seize on Local GOP Judge
Rants and Missouri Rape Remark

Texas Dem Chief Says Ted Cruz
Should `Man Up' Amid Firestorm

House Race Tests Tea Party Clout
in Diverse Area with Most Asians

SA Mayor's Speech Could Be
Governor Race Springboard

Legislative Leaders Announce
Key Personnel Moves for Session

Ex-Highway Chief Latest Name
in Ed Commissioner Speculation

Hottest Fall Fights Fuel Payback
Hopes for 2010 Red Wave Victims

Gallego Team Sign that Frost
Machine Still Kicking in Texas

Challengers Say Group Deserves
No Credit for GOP Primary Wins

Tea Paty Gains Don't Guarantee
More Conservative House Shift

Pro-School PAC Has Most Impact
Despite Lightning Rod Reputation

King Donor Files Libel Lawsuit
Against Web Site with MQS Ties

House Republican Sees Defeat
as Model for Crossover Tactics

Dewhurst Dilemmas Hinge
on Attitude Toward Tea Party

Planned Parenthood May Have
Had Supporting Role in Defeats

Underdogs Win Most in Runoffs
for Legislature and Statewide

Conservative Straus Foe Pins
Incumbent Losses on Speaker

Speaker Survives Another Test
Despite Some Runoff Setbacks

Visions of Tea Party Sweep
Evaporate with Mixed Results

Cruz Win Could Blow Up 2014
Script and Start Plan B Scramble

Blood Boiling Disputes Have
Runoff Contenders Seeing Red

Chisum Intervention Sparks Furor
with Aftershocks in HD 88 Runoff

Straus Ally's Foe Gets Late Cash
from Docs and Education Forces

Perry Breaks Ranks with Right
with House Runoff Endorsement

Speaker Team Pours Six-Figure
Sum into GOP Allies OT Coffers

Craddick Spends Big as Chisum
Saves Up for Final Stretch in OT

House Hopefuls Trim Cash Gaps
after Entering Runoffs with Leads

Ted Cruz Had Seven-Figure Edge
Heading into Runoff Final Month

Incumbent Trio Among Six Who
Top Six-Figures in Runoff Money

Conservative's Trial Lawyer Cash
Cuts into Medina OT Money Lead

Runner-Up Has Cash Runoff Lead
as Dem Challenger Has Big Haul

Abbott and Combs Stock Arsenals
Despite Growing 2014 Uncertainty

GOP Teen Activist Hits Ted Cruz
on Federal Foreign Agent Law

GOP Runoff in U.S. Senate Race
May Be Political Pollstergeist

Senate Dem Rips Voter ID Plan
Despite Strong Support in Poll

Lawmaker Bringing Surfin Safari
to Big D for Texas-OU Fundraiser

GOP RRC Hopefuls Trade Insults
on Partisan Past and Dad's Role

Juggling Tactics Under Fire Now
Born Amid Budget Crisis Fallout

Senator and GOP Foe Make Nice
for Time Being in Runoff TV Ads

Deer Hunting Saga that Spawned
Criminal Case Pops Up in Runoff

Ratliff Slams Foe on Obamacare
and Tax Claims in Runoff Mail Hit

Conservative Clique Backs Klick
in Come-from-Behind Runoff Bid

RRC Hopeful Reveals that Chisum
Firms Got in Hot Water on Taxes

Conservative Darling Could Give
Down-Ballot Moderates OT Boost

Dallas Runoff Not Your Ordinary
GOP Right vs. Moderate Contest

Freshman Tries Double-Barrel
Approach in Fundraising Pitch

10 Ex-House Dems Eye Rebounds
Amid Fall Odds that Vary Wildly

House Hopeful Decries Push Poll
that Rival Says Isn't Happening

House Hopeful Decries Push Poll
that Rival Says Isn't Happening

Law Inspired by Dem's Odyssey
Could Come in Play in HD 144

Lawmaker Tells Ex-Speaker's Kid
to Put Up or Shut Up in RRC Race

House Leadership Opportunities
Could Erode Conservative Revolt

Rising Speaker Team Stars May
Have Shots at Plum Assignments

Lawmaker-Elect Backs Fellow
Baylor Grad in House Runoff

Senator and Tea Party Leader
in Opposite Corners for Runoff

TAB Rallies to Senator's Rescue
on Slate with Dewhurst and RW

Late Lawmaker's Widow Enters
Special Race in Vanishing District

Ex-Lawmaker Weighs Key Role
in Campaign for Texas Casinos

House Republican Backs Nguyen
after Original Choice Falls Short

Top Texas House Runoffs Could
Be Speaker Race Turning Points

Convention is Tale of Two Parties
from Individual and Leader Views

GOP Platform Provision Reflects
Major Illegal Immigration Shift

Straus Beats Protestors to Punch
with Quick Hit Speech Strategy

GOP Convention Taking Place
in Conservatives Ground Zero

Dewhurst Touts Conservative
Impact Before Birther Ad Lib

Verbal Outburst on Perry Pitch
Sign of Status Quo Rejection

Texas Republican Party Chief
Avoids Crossfire at Convention

Texas Dems Can Start Rebuilding
from Scratch at State Convention

Convention Stage Set for Unique
Brawl Between Warring Factions

Anti-Straus Forces Pin Hopes
on Runoffs after Primary Net Gains

Doctor Pulls Off Primary Shocker
in GOP State Senate Bloodbath

Speaker's Team Losses Offset
as Foes Suffer Setbacks as Well

Straus Opponent Who's Marched
to Own Drum Eyes Speaker Job

Perry Appointee Gets Late Boost
from Group Tied to Trial Lawyers

Empower Texans Adds New
Group to Arsenal for Attacks

TLR Cash Surfaces Late in Dem
Primary Fight for Fort Worth Seat

TLR Forecast on Trial Lawyer
Cash Storm on Money in SD 11

Congress Hopefuls Keep Personal
Funds Flowing in Run-Up to Vote

Speaker Could Lose Some Allies
in Vote that Could Veer to Right

Lawmaker Cites School Probe
on Foe's Behavior as Teacher

Senator Slams Primary Rival
with Defamation Accusations

Straus Foe Gets Cold Shoulder
on Public Dialogue Invitation

GOP Lawmaker Ripped in Mailer
in Third-Party Name Game Play

Run-In Sparks Terse Exchange
with House Speaker and Rival

Runoffs Could Be on Horizon
in 28 Legislative Primary Races

Straus Ally Left Off RINO Advisory
Despite Smear Tactic Allegations

Air War Targets Caucus Chief
as Senate Contest Intensifies

Conservative Says He's Real Deal
as GOP Pairing Claims Top Spo

House Fight Has Austin Versus Us
Flavor on List of Hottest Contests

SF Polling Firm Has Good News
for Texans Who've Been Clients

Quarter-Million Club Has Current
and Ex-Lawmakers Exclusively

Several Challengers Ride Loans
to Cash Leads in House Contests

Straus Says He's Not Overlooking
Primary Foe with House Planning

Wentworth Fires Ethics Charges
as Rival Seizes Big Money Lead

Speaker's Press Secretary Hiring
Sparks Speculation and Intrigue

Panhandle Pair Loads Up Loans
as Straus Friends Outraise Foes

Suburban Race Gives Glimpse
into House Fundraising Trends

Conservative Lawmaker Has Back
for House Hopeful in GOP Fight

Conspiracy Cries Erupt in HD 101
Amid Identity Fraud Allegations

New Law Puts Lawyer in Position
to Cash in on Lawmaker's Arrest

Senator Airs Puppet Show Spot
Starring Baggage-Toting Rival

House Democrat Denies Charges
by Lawyer Who's Fraud Examiner

Legislator's Arrest Shines Light
on Law Under Court Scrutiny

House Republican Makes Pitch
for Speaker in District Next Door

Dentist Has $2 Million Launch Pad
as 27 Top Six Figures in Funding

Perry Appears Poised to Endorse
Freshman Who Opposed Speaker

U.S. Senate Contenders Depend
on Record Self-Funding in 2012

House Hopeful Lists Campaign
Official's Address as Residence

Perry Budget Plan Future May
Hang in Balance of House Fights

Frontrunner Targeting Seeks
to Fuel Process of Elimination

Ten Seek Re-Election in 2012
as Incumbents in Name Only

U.S. Senate Rivals Use Dueling
Supleratives for Cash Haul Take

Hottest Texas House Primary
Contests Revolve on Records

Texas House Freshmen Class
Will Be Big But Not Historical

Self-Styled Conservative Group
Goes Against Grain on Scorecard

Texas Consultants Grab Pollies
at Industry's Version of Oscars

GOP Activist Piques Suspicions
with Ties to Biggest Dem Donor

Garcia May Be Making Transition
from TCEQ to Energy Regulator

Realtors Backing Challenger Trio
in GOP East Texas Primary Fights

Straus Allies Rekindle FreePAC
Memories with Counterattack

Straus Ally Has Guest Star Role
at Event for House Speaker Foes

Abbott Endorses House GOP Pair
for Very Different Set of Reasons

Challenger Accuses Straus Camp
of Subterfuge Yard Sign Scheme

House Speaker's Race Starts
or Ends with Primary Election

Dems Hope to Parlay Commotion
on Women's Health into Weapon

TAB PAC Backing Incumbents
with Lone Exception in Rematch

Cruz Campaign Calls Soros Claim
Red Herring Attempt by Dewhurst

Dewhurst Camp Seeks to Link
GOP Rival to Liberal Billionaire

Conservative Group's Juggling
Underscores Split on Speaker

Old and New Rivalries Fueled
on Texas U.S. House Battlefield

Tarrant County is Ground Zero
for Legislative Primary Contests

Straus Billed as Special Guest
at Conservative Foe Fundraiser

TLR Wagers that Lozano's Views
on Issue Shift with Party Switch

Court Confident on House Map's
Legality with 28 Seats Redrawn

Senator Under Tea Party Fire
Backs Conservative for SBOE

Down-Ballot Texas Dems Could
Benefit from Lingering GOP Split

Combs Backs Straus Foe in Move
that Fuels Speculation on Motives

Top Texas House Primary Fights
Sizzle with Unique Personalities

Some House Republicans Vying
for Seats They Barely Recognize

Dozen Texas House Exes Seek
Redemption in Comeback Bids

Lawmaker's Brother Jump-Starts
Comeback Bid in 11th Hour Filing

TV Personality Could Pose Threat
to Valley Dems with Party Switch

CD 25 Race Could Be Reunion
for GOP's Williams and Williams

GOP Lawmaker Rips U.S. Court
while Pulling Plug on Campaign

DFW Lawmaker Raises Eyebrows
with Late Start in Senate Contest

Texas Dems Woo Ex-Legislator
for Battle with New GOP Convert

Tort Reformers and Trial Lawyers
May Be Swapping Roles in HD 43

Republicans Ready Welcome Mat
for Defection as Challengers File

South Texas Dem Could Join List
of Party Switchers in State House

Republican Moves Swiftly in Bid
for Seat that Had Been Safe for D

Could VRA Ruling on Senate Map
Spark Special Elections in DFW?

Race Could Be Defining Factor
in Primary Fights for New Seats

Dozens of House Districts Have
Competitive Potential in 2012

Texas Dems Could Pick Up 2 to 6
State House Seats on New Map

Federal Court Unveils Maps
for Texas Elections in 2012

State Parties Stick to Convention
Schedule Despite Guessing Game

Veteran Strategist and Lobbyist
Refused to Surrender to Disease

Star-Telegram Putting Final Nail
in Texas Capitol Bureau Coffin

Rivals See Poll with Cruz Surging
as Faulty Gauge on Senate Race

House Map Battle Boils Down
to Population Deviation Motives

Cruz Gains Ground on Dewhurst
as Sadler Barely Registers in Poll

Harris GOP Boss Says State Party
Misrepresented Position on Map

Davis Escapes Elimination Effort
with Most Realistic Best Scenario

Veteran Lobbyist Was Key Player
Behind Scenes as Capitol Fixture

Lawmaking Rodeo Cowboy Gets
Encouragement for Statewide Bid

Compromise Plan Could Give
Senate Dem Fighting Chance

Judge Demands Overnight Deals
on State House and Senate Maps

Add Zerwas and Hunter to List
of Potential Statewide Hopefuls

GOP's Jones Stumbles into Trap
with RRC Resignation Strategy

Minority Lawmakers Endorse Map
with More House Gains for Dems

Straus Allies Names Emerging
in Speculation on Statewide Bids

Judge Hints that Deal on Maps
is Only Option that's Acceptable

Map Standoff Raises Specter
of Louisiana-Style Blanket Vote

Fate of Dozen Texas Hot Spots
at Stake in Redistricting Battle

New House Plan Gives Dems
Shot at Half-Dozen More Seats

Abbott Says Interim Remap Plans
Backed by Some Minority Groups

Dem Appointees Have Majority
on Voter ID Federal Court Panel

TMA PAC Backing Challengers
in Two House Primary Battles

Texas Lawmaker Backs Ratliff
in Race to Replace Him in House

GOP PACs Leave Democratic
Counterparts Behind in Money

State GOP Rolls Out Strategy
on Map-Making Push in 2013

O'Grady Grounds Senate Bid
Amid Fog of Remap Uncertainty

Compromise Map Talks Hit Snag
with April Primary Vote in Peril

Redistricting Settlement Could
Face Roadblock by Republicans

Negotiated Deal Would Give D's
Victory Beyond All Expectations

Dewhurst Releases Tax Returns
Showing Rebound from Oil Hits

Abbott Supplants Perry as State
Cash King as Meter Hits $9 Million

Conservative Forces Step Up
Efforts in GOP Primary Fights

House Hopefuls with Six-Digit
Cash Raise $8 Million Combined

TPPF Breaks Ranks with Norquist
on Gambling as Budget Solution

High Court Cites Districts in EP
and DFW as Map Trouble Spots

Texas House Candidates List
Campaign Loans of $2.4 Million

SC Gives SA Judges Second Shot
after Tossing First Court Map Set

Legislative Contenders Jumping
on Six-Figure Loan Bandwagon

Energy Interests Back Regulator
as Cash Flows to Senate Battles

House Hopefuls in $100,000 Club
in Dallas and East Texas Races

Seven-Figure War Chest Could
Be Fuel for Lt. Governor's Race

Lawmaker Armed with Big Loan
as Challenger Posts Healthy Haul

David Dewhurst Wins Republican
Senate Debate By Not Losing It

Goldman Vows to Stay Positive
Despite Attacks He Calls False

Hopwood Judge Map May Be
Way to Go in High Court View

Fallback House Plan Would Give
Dems Shot at Six Seats or More

Hispanic Tea Party Creator Gives
Valley Conservatives New Option

Fireworks Erupt in House Race
with Tax and Job Deceit Charges

SC Mulls Second Election Delay
Amid Perplexity on Texas Maps

Gauge for Hispanic Political Clout
Under Supreme Court Microscope

Speculation Builds on High Court
Ruling that Revives Original Maps

GOP Senate Hopefuls Gambling
Perry Ties in Ads Won't Backfire

Conservative Group Sees Texas
Fight as Stage for VRA Challenge

Iowa Disaster Not Automatic
Death Penalty for Perry Bid

Freshmen GOP Lawmakers Face
Significant Challenges at Polls

Internal Campaign Warring Tales
Threaten Perry Comeback Hopes


Texas Fantasy Legislature: Republicans in High Places Enjoy Elite Draft Status
Mock draft for hypothetical league with scoring system and teams and senators, freshmen and Dem minimums.


Best of the Texas General
Election: Dems Capitalize
on Limited Opportunities

Texas Political Consultants Scorecard: Dem Duo Has
Winning Roadmaps


New Texas House Freshmen
Fueled Campaign Tanks
with Record Red Ink in 2012

Texas House Fundraising
Texas Senate Fundraising


Top Texas Races to Watch
in the Final Days Before
the General Election

Thirty hottest fights for Legislature and Congress topped by Democratic pair on defense and two federal contests that nation is watching as fall vote nears.


HD 144: Hottest Open Race Pits Star Quality Democrat Versus Ex-Marine
Houston Democrat slight favorite on paper amid Latino infusion in race in redesigned district.


Best of the Texas Runoff:
Tea Party Takes Medals

Best of the Texas Primary:
Speaker's Race Loser
and East Texans Win Big


Texas Political Consultants
Primary Election Scorecard

Texas Consultants Primary
Runoff Election Scorecard

Texas Primary Standings
for Spring and Summer 2012


HD 107: Suburban Merger Sets Stage for Birthday Bash at Ballot Box in November
Dallas consolidation opens gate for potential Dem comeback in relatively moderate match up.


Statewide, Congressional & Legislative Fundraising Totals for Primary Runoff Eight Day Report

Texas House Cash Totals
Texas Senate Primary Totals
Statewide Campaign Cash


Most Valuable Player Guides Conservatives into New Age But Old Pros Claim Creativity Honors
GOP strategists take best overall and top ads as Dem challenger's adviser gets individual prize on consultant primary scorecard.



Six House Primary Fights
Have Half-Million War Chests

Texas House Primary Totals
Texas Senate Primary Totals
Top Congressional Cash

Legislative All-Stars
for Past Three Decades

Best of the Legislature
Top 10 & More Standouts

Best of the Freshmen
Texas House and Senate

Texas Dems Have Shot at Gains with Little to Lose
Democrats have best odds in nine districts where GOP slates took 55 percent or less in last two elections.

Best of the Decades:
Legislative All-Stars
for Past 30 Years

Party in power dominates all-star selections as five state lawmakers make two all-decade teams.

Best of the Freshmen Class:
Rookie Standouts Made Impact
in Dramatically Different Fashion
First-term lawmakers who left biggest mark mixed unconventional and old fashion approaches in session with talented newcomer collection.

Best of the Legislature 2011:
Lawmakers with Lead Budget
Roles Made Biggest Splash

Republicans with starring parts in fiscal crisis have majority on top performance list that includes a few show stealers as well.

Texas Lobby Power Rankings:
GOP Connections Golden Amid Talent Infusion and Team Trend

Hired Guns Teams
Dynamic Duos Law Firms
Rising Stars Associations

Texas Legislature Power
Rankings: Redbirds Rule
with House Clout Intensified
House Speaker's team bigger and stronger in uprising's wake as budget players wield more sway than ever but Senate hierarchy stays the same.



Deep in the Budget
Hole of Texas: State
Fiscal Crisis Primer

State immersed in record sea of red ink - the numbers, key players, groups, causes, effects, history and more.


Class of 2011: Texas House
Freshmen Resemble 2003 Group in Variety of Ways
State's newest lawmakers look a lot like class eight years ago with more diversity and less job security.


Best of the General Election:
Republicans Seize Opportunity But Underestimate Typhoon
Perry builds launching paid as GOP stars beat toughest Democrats but wave won't end one American dream story.

Challenger Organization
Incumbent Advertising


Veteran Strategists Run Up the Score as Speaker Foes Advisor Claims Top Honor
Old pros post highest scores while GOP consultant tied to speaker's race opposition takes overall award.



Court Ruling Paves Way for Corporate Cash that Helps Beat Texas Dems
GOP challengers who won U.S. House seats had late help from groups that attacked incumbents.



Vote Your District
Elected Officials Legislative Rankings
VYDEO gauge measures voting records against districts to see who's most in sync with the voters


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