Turner Speaker Race Not Topic
at Meeting on Eve of Bid Launch

NFL Ex with Tea Party Fan Base
Mentioned as Speaker Possibility

Paxton Lands Key Endorsement
from Ex-Dallas Cowboy and Pilot

Dan Branch Unveils Marquee
Donor List with a Few Twists

Tea Party Crusader Gets Boost
with Thumbs Up from Marchant

Patrick Heat on Finance Vacancy
Has Myriad of Potential Spinoffs

Davis Camp Fumbles AG Attack
But Sticks to Story on Lenders

New Longhorns Coach Emerges
from Politics Elimination Process

Democrat Says Hegar Abortion
Role Irrelevant in Statewide Bid

Consultant Shoots Down Claims
on Straus Role in Primary Fights

Consultant Shoots Down Claims
on Straus Role in Primary Fights

Consultant Shoots Down Claims
on Straus Role in Primary Fights

High Times Colorado-Style
Won't Fly in Tea Party Texas

GOP Lawmaker Accuses Foe
of Serving Up Bottled Rhetoric

Surviving Mega-Donor Spouses
Could Cut Back GOP Cash Flow

Abortion War Fuels Statewide
Shuffle in Top 2013 News Clips

Patrick Asks Abbott if New Ban
on Fed School Rules Has Teeth

UT Search Panel Has Members
Who've Crossed Perry in Past

House Panel Leaders Fire Off
Demands in Letter to UT Chief

Challenger Views Allegations
as Desperation Political Move

Dallas Senator's Primary Foe
Slapped with Ethics Complaint

Texas Candidates Decry Network
for Duck Dynasty Star Suspension

Open Races to Watch Rankings
Swell with Late Filings Infusion

Current and Former Perry Aides
Emerge in TxDOT Speculation

Lawmakers Say Impeachment
Case on Track Despite No-Show

Straus Ally Slams Primary Foe
on Residence Claims in Filing

Abbott Camp Sought to Defuse
Potential Furor in A&M Battle

Texas A&M Regents Spurn Perry
in Major Leadership Power Play

Mike Sullivan Target List is Top
Races to Watch Guide for 2014

Perry Drops Gauntlet in Aggie
Leader Battle as Profs Protest

Parties Could Miss Opportunity
to Capitalize on Wave Replay

Filing Extension May Be Move
to Head Off Trial Lawyer Push

Ballot Gets Challenger Infusion
in House Battles on Final Day

Casts Grow in Swing Seat Fights
as Window Closes on 2014 Filing

Texas House Dems Face Primary
Fights with Council Runoff Losers

Governor May Feel Sting of Shot
More Than Dem Who's Targeted

Texas Legislator Filing No Shows
Spark Deadline Countdown Buzz

GOP Pair May Have Freebies
as Two Others Draw Foes Late

Republican Launches Senate Bid
Amid Charges of Rigged System

GOP Primary Fight Shapes Up
to Be Rematch by Proxy Battle

Robo-Call Invite Raises Specter
of House Incumbent's Support

GOP Challenger Count Climbing
as More Straus Allies Face Foes

GOP Primary Lineup Swelling
as Incumbents Go on Defensive

Patterson Leads in YCT Survey
that Finds High 2014 Undecideds

Democrats Envision Sharper Edge
in Targeted House Races with LV

Conservative Takes Aim at Straus
Charter Supporter Group Member

Smitherman Endorsement News
Has Curious Missing Perry Link

GOP Lawmakers Have Conflicting
Interpretations of Senate Bid Poll

TLR Takes Sides in Open Races
in Break from Traditional Tactics

Ex-Dallas Cheerleader Novel
Example of Family Ties Value

Anti-Straus Group Endorses GOP
House and Senate Challengers

Map Revisions that Boost Dems
Put Straus GOP Ally at More Risk

Senate Colleague is Ideal Wing
Woman for Dems' Wendy Davis

Top Target Race Gives the Dems
Chance to Put Nightmare to Rest

GOP Lawmaker Turns Heat Up
on Feds on Emergency Calls

Revenge-Minded Democrats Field
Challenger for South Texas Race

School Board Boss Launches Bid
to Unseat Lawmaker in Lubbock

GOP Foe Tries to Give Stickland
Dose of Own Medicine on Davis

Merritt Hopes Ex-Farm Chair Plug
Trumps Miller's Celebrity Backers

Judicial Rules of Engagement
Bar Senate Fight Endorsement

Ex-Sheriff Nominee May Back
Caucus Boss after Exit in SD 4

Former SBOE Member Takes Aim
at House in Potential Swing Area

Former SBOE Member Takes Aim
at House in Potential Swing Area

Van Taylor Takes Playbook Page
from Solon to Clear Primary Field

House Freshman Portrays Rival
as Trojan Horse for Democrats

Saban Flirtation Sparks Question
on Coach or President as Priority

Democratic Challengers Emerge
in House Republican Strongholds

Israel Will Expect Inside Lane
in Special House Runoff Battle

Abortion Foes Sounding Alarm
as Davis Gains Ground in Poll

State Rep with Sights on Senate
Takes Aim at Fellow Freshman

Staples Wagers that Tax Charade
Attack on Rival Doesn't Backfire

Ex-RRC Chair Who Lost Last Race
Backs House Challenger in Dallas

Retiring Lawmaker's Campaign
Manager Assumes Top Role Now

Local Suburban Leader Diving
into Special Senate Fight Pool

Merritt Counters Miller's Celebrity
Link with NASCAR Sponsor Role

Mrs. T Keeps Chase for Record
Alive with Re-Election Decision

Ex-County Chair Appears Poised
for RRC Bid on Democratic Ticket

GOP Hopefuls in Top State Races
Catch Heat on Immigration Issue

Home Court Edge Helps in Harris
Survey with Dewhurst Exception

Ex-Rick Perry Confidant's Brother
Taking Aim at GOP State Senator

Some Republicans with Tea Party
Fans Missing on YCT Support List

Some Republicans with Tea Party
Fans Missing on YCT Support List

Accusations of Deception Flying
on GOP Dallas House Battlefield

Tea Party Leader in Legislature
Rallies Behind GOP Challenger

House GOP Pair Add Bullet Items
to Chapter on Switching Races

House Hopefuls Vow to Persevere
Despite GOP Lawmaker's Return

Ex-Lawmaker Rolling with Rocker
Ted Nugent as Campaign Official

Republicans Tailor Endorsements
for Symbolic Value or Quantity

Hegar Builds Frontrunner Case
that Nod from Combs Caps Off

House Rookie Launches Senate
Race with Key Leaders in Camp

Judge Who Drew Police Wrath
Switches to Democratic Party

Farm Boss Candidate Crop Grows
as East Texan Takes Aim at Post

Cecil Bell Eyes Farm Chief Battle
as Bug Bites in Suburban County

House Rookie Not Folding Yet
Despite Creighton SD 4 Move

Ex-Lawmaker and Rodeo Champ
Riding Back into Political Arena

House GOP Caucus Boss Gears
for Switch to Senate Campaign

Conservative Activist Backs Hegar
while Blasting Chief Primary Foe

Dewhurst Gets Boost with Praise
from High-Profile Cruz Supporter

Staples Revives Debate Ducking
Barbs that Cruz Used as Weapon

Doctor and Developer Emerge
as Early Possibilities in HD 21

Ex-Harris Sheriff Nominee Has
Sizeable Senate Bid War Chest

Abbott Views on Water Transfers
Could Spark East Texas Uproar

Congressional Conservative May
Be in Line for Texas Tech Post

Tea Party Lawmaker Praying
on Possible Senate Campaign

Big D Center of Campaign Cash
Universe at Texas-OU Weekend

Davis SA Campaign Stop Gives
GOP Governor Cause for Anger

Creighton May Want Reassurance
on Special Contest Before Switch

Number of Ex-Soldiers on Rise
on Political Battlefield in Texas

Abbott GOP Favorite Status Safe
Despite New Rival's Emergence

Wendy Davis Has Reinforcement
as Comptroller Hopeful Hits Web

GOP Trio Sees Tax Loophole Ban
as Ticket to Business Levy Cuts

Nelson Could Be Only Senator
Who Fits Finance Chair Criteria

GOP Senator's Exit Could Spark
Musical Chairs Wave in Wake

Speculation Bubbles on Possible
Senate Budget Boss Departure

GOP Lawmaker Gets Early Start
on Television for Senate Contest

Poll Shows Abbott Leading Davis
Despite High Primary Undecided

Texas Dems Say Abbott Caved
Amid Davis Pressure on Airlines

Chan Has Wild Card Potential
in Terms of Senate Race Effect

Railroad Commission Chief Not
Switching Tracks on 2014 Plans

RRC Boss Prodded on Possible
Shift from AG to Comptroller Bid

Texas House Races to Watch
May Be Leadership Referendum

GOP Majority Has Mixed Results
on Environment Group Ratings

Republican Enters RRC Field
with Some Cause for Optimism

Big Dewhurst Donor from Past
Helping Primary Foe Raise Cash

Perry Advisor Gears for Race
as Names Surface in HD 132

Liquor Store Boss Seeks Unified
Business Support in House Bid

GOP Pair Giving Up House Seats
in Races Straus Foes May Target

Division among Austin Democrats
Could Boost GOP Odds in HD 50

GOP Contender for Davis Seat
Lands Marquee Support for Bid

Division among Austin Democrats
Could Boost GOP Odds in HD 50

Senate Dem Pair Appear to Be
Done Deal on Statewide Ticket

Conservatives Seek to Lock Down
Senate Wins in Bids Early Stages

Dewhurst Gambling that Coach
Support at UT Doesn't Backfire

Conservative Group Mailer Slams
Low Scoring House Republicans

Ex-Dewhurst Pollster Finds Solon
Gaining at Incumbent's Expense

AG Hopefuls Tout Ties to Senator
with Dueling 2014 Endorsements

Texas House Democrat May Face
Record Number of Female Rivals

Lawmaker's Surprise Exit Leaves
Opening in Tea Party Territory

Original Entrants Odds Up if Lite
Gov Race Shifts to Cruz Control

Tea Party Frosh May Set Sights
on GOP Colleagues in Primary

Christian Enters Battle for RRC
in Move that Could Split Right

UT President Could Be Victim
of Football Program Implosion

Court Keeps Texas Vote on Track
But Refuses to End Fight on Maps

Senate Contests Have Firework
Potential Despite Low Number

Perry May Face Critical Dilemma
in Wake of Jefferson Resignation

Original Favorites May Battle
for 3rd as Own Worst Enemies

Aggie Chancellor Rescue Ride
May Be Political Comeback Seed

Rotary Club Chief on SREC Lands
Big Name Support for House Bid

Texas Lawmaker Locks Horns
with Feds on Meat Regulations

Rotary Club Chief on SREC Lands
Big Name Support for House Bid

State Senator Joins Land Chief
on House Challenger Backer List

Lawmaker Emerges as Potential
Wendy Davis 2014 Ticket Partner

Darby Could Be the Frontrunner
for House Budget Boss Opening

Conservatives Who Opposed Plan
Left Off Water Sales Pitch Team

House Primary Battle Could Be
Abortion Bill Aftermath Product

Wendy Davis Past Point of No
Return after Pedestal Basking

GOP Lawmaker Ends Wavering
Speculation with Comptroller Bid

Lawmaker's Deep Pockets Don't
Scare Local Official Out of Race

Ditsy Blonde Tweet Has TDP Boss
Seeing Red as Patrick Gets Catty

Republican Hopes A-List Support
Trumps Primary Rival's A Grades

Ex-Soldier Who Escaped Death
Joins Open Texas House Battle

One Out of Every Three House
Republicans Flunk Latest Test

Ex-Soldier Who Escaped Death
Joins Open Texas House Battle

Smithee's RSVP on Tyler Event
Sparks Speaker Bid Speculation

Olympic Doc Enters Special Race
that Could Be Settled in Overtime

Potential Davis Bid Fuels GOP
Angst on Females in Top Races

Governor Chief of Staff Turnover
Continues as Ex-Reporter Returns

GOP Caucus Chief Enters Race
for Agriculture Commissioner

Governor Dropped the Gauntlet
in Private Road Debate Meetings

Branch Colleague Support Reads
Like GOP House Speaker's Team

Dewhurst Assembles New Team
from the Tea Party Talent Pool

House Gamble Produced GOP
Vote Windfall on Highway Plan

Final Summer Votes Pave Path
to Perdition or Glory on Roads

House Backs Transportation Plan
in Close Vote in Session Finale

Business Backs Funding Package
Despite Catch-22 Road Concerns

Rookie Lawmaker Draws Foe
Amid Voting Record Criticism

GOP Senator Enters AG Race
with Conservatives in Corner

Branch Seeks to Steal Paxton
Thunder with Greg Abbott Ties

House Road Rage Was Product
of Splits on Region and Ideology

Perry and Senate Desperation
May Put House in Catbird Seat

Freshmen Rank High on 2013
Texas Eagle Forum Scorecard

New Highway Plan Gets Wheels
as Potential 3rd Session Vehicle

House Leaders Seek Desperation
Resurrection on Highway Accord

New Special Session May Begin
Tuesday in Wake of Collapse

Transportation Plan in Peril
Amid Late Senate Resistance

Texas GOP Rolls Out New Effort
in Hispanic Rich Urban Centers

Democrat Gets Rare Plum as Top
House Negotiator on Road Plan

August Special Session Could
Have Full Conservative Plate

Perry Threat May Have Highway
Money Discussion Back on Track

New RRC Candidate Led Prison
Reform Crusade as Legislator

Branch Breaks from Starting Gate
as Paxton Poised to Run for AG

NFL Ex and Fellow GOP Rookie
Lead Dash for Texas House Cash

House Keeps Road Funding Plan
Rolling Despite Republican Split

Tea Party Leader Has Six-Figure
Loan as Senate Bid Springboard

GOP Lawmaker Sends Message
with Million-Dollar Personal Loan

AG Fuels Monster Campaign Kitty
with $5 Million More in 2 Weeks

Frost Machine Gets Jump-Start
with New Heavy Hitters Group

Vanishing House Members Leave
Highway Funding Plan in Limbo

Patrick Cracks Six-Figures Quick
as Branch Has Most for AG Race

Greg Abbott Juggernaut in Motion
Amid SA Lawmaker Speculation

Texas Democrats Hope Abortion
Fight Momentum Not Just Mirage

Abortion Measure Heads to Perry
Despite Democrats Cries of Foul

Abortion Battle on Verge of End
Amid Tampon Security Sweep

House Panel Takes Different Path
after Senate Backs Highway Plan

Rick Perry Bailing While GOP
Still on Top of the Texas Game

GOP Lawmaker May Face Foe
as Dallas-Area Races Shape Up

Texas House Race Out of Gates
as Incumbent Plans to Bow Out

Abortion Bill Finds Easier Sailing
in House Despite Early Suspicions

Rick Perry News to Spark Exodus
as Expected from the Legislature

Dewhurst Takes Love Thy Enemy
Approach in Warning on Abortion

Panel Chief Sets Record Straight
on History at Hearing on Abortion

Perry Confirms He's Not Running
Again with LeBron-Style Decision

Special Session Maps Could Face
Obstacle if Preclearance Revived

GOP Solon Lands Early Support
to Back Up Local Strength Talk

House May Throw Up Roadblock
on Senate Highway Money Plan

Davis Statewide Race Could Be
Bad News for Senate Democrats

Dewhurst Vows Gallery Access
as Long as Spectators Behave

Senator Says Dewhurst Ignored
Warnings on Abortion Eruption

Republicans Hope to Cut Losses
in Bitter Return to State Capitol

Straus Ally Spouse and Speaker
Critic Eye Bids for State Senate

East Texas GOP Trio Could Face
Establishment Primary Recruits

Senator Launches Statewide Bid
as Dewhurst Blames Democrats

Patrick Could Make Abortion Bill
Implosion Issue in Statewide Bid

Majority Tactics Ignite Maelstrom
Before Midnight Vote on Abortion

Ruling Sparks Outburst of Rage
as Brakes Slammed on Filibuster

Republicans Trickle into 2014
Down-Ballot Statewide Lineup

Senate Dem Rips GOP Leaders
in Abortion Measure Filibuster

Governor's Future May Hinge
on Second Special Session

State Senate Republicans Make
Symbolic Gesture with Rule Vote

Urgent Lunch Call to Republicans
Sparks Rules Bypass Speculation

House Vote Sets Potential Stage
for Longest Filibuster in 18 Years

Republicans Spark New Protests
with Focus Shift to Senate Bill

UT Regent Impeachment Would
Be Rarity if House Push Pans Out

Abbott Looks Poised for Governor
Bid Amid Perry Bowing Out Signs

House Dems May See Road
Plan as Payback Prescription

Abortion Bills Face High Hurdle
with Dems on Lookout for Flaws

Dem Party Urges Team Filibuster
as Veteran Senator Breaks Ranks

Session Keeps Statewide Lineup
in Limbo with Perry as Wild Card

Aggie Who's Ex-Chamber Chair
Weighs Potential Senate Race

Dewhurst Trumpets Conservative
Gains in Re-Election Bid Launch

Rainy Day Fund Floor May Pave
Way for Road Funding Accord

Line-Item Veto Could Set Stage
for Unprecedented Override Vote

Staples Declares War on Obama
Battleground Push in New Video

Most Vetoed Bills Drew Little
if Any Opposition in Session

Perry Kills Big Government Bills
with Surprises and Exceptions

Traditions Fall by Wayside Again
in Partisan Senate Vote on Maps

Immigration Vanishes from GOP
State Lawmakers Radar Screen

Senate Democrats Fall Short
in Timing Pitch to Dewhurst

Highway Bill Has Rainy Day Fund
Bypass as Perry Expands Agenda

Statewide Bid for GOP Lawmaker
May Hinge on Ethics Sunset Veto

Perry Trip Timing Possible Factor
in Highway Funding Green Light

House and Senate May Not Be
in Sync on Special Map Strategy

Sports Incentive Fund Could Be
Candidate for Expanded Agenda

Special Session Call Has Trap
Door Despite Perry Intentions

Democratic Duo Tops House
Leaderboard on Bill Passing

Democrats Launch Late Push
for Turnout at Map Hearings

House Returning from Recess
in Time for Fundraising Kickoff

GOP Finger Pointing Under Way
with Special Session in Limbo

Texas House Embarks on Historic
Two-Week Map Session Recess

Texas Lawmakers Stumbling
in Dark on Special Map Session

Map Panel Picks Reflect Rising
Importance of Hispanics for GOP

Tightly Worded Call Could Be
Sign of Short Special Session

Combs Paves Way for Free-for-All
with Decision to Forego 2014 Bid

Map Panel Picks Reflect Rising
Importance of Hispanics for GOP

Tightly Worded Call Could Be
Sign of Short Special Session

David Dewhurst Appears Poised
to Launch Re-Election Campaign

TWIA, Guns and College Building
Money Could Be Special Topics

Dems See Austin - Not Ardmore
- on the Special Session Horizon

Map Quest on Hold as Session
Ends with Missions Complete

Legislature Backs Spending Pact
with Minimal House Opposition

Rural House Republican Weighs
Bid for Agriculture Commissioner

2003 Memories Could Inspire
Drastic Perry Action on Special

Perry Vetoes Take Shot at Labor
and Heed Call of Conservatives

Budget Accord Falling into Place
as Senate Offers Truce on Water

Business Tax Tussle Could Be
Be Comptroller Race Preview

Islander Reels In Early Business
Support for Possible House Bid

House Hit by Wave of Suspicion
as Budget Negotiators Scramble

Dewhurst Special Session Push
Fuels Governor Bid Speculation

House Sees Devil in Details
with Twofer Bill Kill Potential

Veteran House Dem's Departure
Could Put Seat in GOP Reach

Standoff Evaporates as Budget
and Water Plans Pass in Unison

School Marshal Plan that Failed
in Other States Heading to Perry

Senate Saps Fund in Move
that Puts Budget in More Peril

Game of Chicken Under Way
with House Slow Walk on Water

GOP Maneuver Aims to Give
Bill Renewed Lease on Life

House Leaders Push for Vote
to Buy Time on Water Measure

House Pair's Role in Negotiations
Fuels New Rift on Budget Accord

Senate Could Stall on Tax Bills
Amid House Budget Wavering

Bills Boost Government Muscle
and Size with Some Exceptions

Budget Pact Critics Need Straus
Team Defections to Kill Package

House Leaders Faced Tricky
Dilemma in Budget Standoff

Democrats Win Big Concessions
in Deal on State Budget Package

Speaker Speculates on Villain
Portrayal as Dems' Motivation

House Speaker: It's Now or Never
on Deal on Table for Democrats

House Kills Term Limits Measure
on Most Bipartisan Vote of 2013

Tea Party Rookie Puts Quick End
to Speculation on Senate Race

Senate Primary Has Potential
for GOP Rematch in Fort Worth

Democratic Leader Says Deal
Should Include Transportation

Lobby Disclosure Bill Could Be
on Track for Date with Veto Pen

DA Gives Republican Lawmaker
Chance to Make Good on Threat

Lobby Disclosure Bill Could Be
on Track for Date with Veto Pen

House Backs Campaign Cash Bill
with Republicans Sharply Divided

Home Schoolers Portray Aycock
as Wrecking Bill on Tebow Bill

House Picks Up Deliberate Pace
as 96 Bills Pass on Deadline Day

Measure that Came Back to Life
Dies in House Roller Coaster Ride

Highway Upgrade Plan Crashes
into Conservative Opposition

Senate Panel Switch Triggers
Turf Battle on Medical School

DA's Backers Seek to Capitalize
on Fizzled Power Play in House

Republicans Reject Dems Claims
on Pork Barrel Tax Giveaways

Lawmaker Tackles Two Issues
with One Play after Prodding UIL

GOP Pair and Some Dems Break
Partisan Ranks on Gun Measures

Texas House Backs Cigarette Fee
Despite Warnings on Tax Pledge

Perry Confidant Who Chaired UT
Board Slams Current Power Play

House Endorses Gun Package
Despite Technical Challenges

Democrats Knock House Bills
Down with Technical Tactics

Water Solution Drought Reunites
GOP Triad as Standoff Intensifies

House Takes Aim at Shark Trade
as Sea Turtle Gets Official Status

Caucus Boss Accuses Democrats
of Paralyzing Business Recruiting

Payday Loan Reform Could Be
on Death Bed in House Panel

Medina Enters Comptroller Mix
as Lawmakers Waiting on Combs

Republicans Could Shift Focus
to Hardball Strategy on Water

GOP Takes Doomsday Ploy Page
in Water Plan Move that Backfires

Perry Offers Cover as House
Leaders Scramble on Water

Record House Burial Possible
Amid Countdown to Deadlines

Conservative Budget Guru Also
is Model on Electoral Payback

Panel Votes on Beer and Cars
Sign of Changing Austin Times

Special Redistricting Session
Could Be on Horizon in 2013

House Gives Lotto Lovers Scare
Before Mulligan on Sunset Vote

Lawmaker's Trip to Blast Site
Inspires Firefighter Funds Push

Republicans Give Cold Shoulder
on Push to Break Spending Limit

Car Dealers Focus on Defense
after Bargaining Concessions

Payday Loan Reform Sponsor
Delays Vote as Tempers Flare

Perry Backs Spending Cap Bust
with Vow of Campaign Support

Minorities and Conservatives
Fail to Kill Texting Prohibition

Mostyn Transition Complete
in Light of Blue Group Hiring

Agency Might Be Ahead of Curve
on Big Bend Longhorn Program

Aggie Rides to Longhorns Rescue
with Bill Aimed at Parks Agency

Top Texas Donor's Death Sparks
Surprise in State Political Circles

Tech Specialists Finish Strong
in Political Consultant Awards

UT Crisis Explains Perry Push
for Ex-Senator for Chancellor

Regents Blink First in Standoff
as Senate Measure Advances

Senator Goes Against Grain
with Appraisal on Tea Party

Auto Makers and Distributors
Getting More Capitol Traction

Senator Brushes Off Theory
on Mayor Bid Stepping Stone

State Senate Rookie Floating
Trial Balloon on AG Campaign

Good Cop Senator Gives Perry
Way to Save Day and Face

Carona Sees Gambling Alliance
as Incentive to Get Ball Rolling

Abbott Intervention in UT Battle
Could Be First Shot in 2014 Bout

Dedicated Funds Facade Cited
as Cause for Lone GOP No Vote

Conservatives Outnumbered
But United on Dem Revisions

State Budget Clears Texas House
Without Typical Fireworks Show

House Recalls Vote on Medicaid
Proposal Amid Belated Concerns

Conservatives in Major Bind
with Water and Spending Cap

Howard Keeps Voice in UT Fight
Despite Husband's Attorney Role

Gambling Expansion Getting
Jump-Start in Texas Senate

Straus Hires Former KBH Advisor
in Possible Re-Election Bid Sign

Ex-Speaker Dandy Daughter Ally
at House Committee RRC Grilling

Dewhurst Portrays UT Probe
as Wasteful Fishing Venture

Democrats See School Cash Push
Two-Thirds of Way to Adequate

Conservative Editor Seeks Emails
Between King and Speaker Aide

Democrats Back Education Plan
after Losing Every Partisan Vote

Beer Accord Sponsors Don't See
Smooth Senate Waters as Mirage

Coastal Lawmakers Sound Alarm
on Potential TWIA Fiscal Rehab

Pro-Biz Group Seeks Unity Now
with PAC Plans for Future Fights

Conservative Activist Blasts GOP
`Gang of 33' on PUC Power Vote

Ghost Vote and Tea Party Help
Can't Save Phone Rate Hike Ban

Pauken Eyes Governor's Race
Despite Perry Support and Ties



Best of the Legislature: Heroes Emerge as Unique
Session Smoke Clears

Top performances feature predictables and others you wouldn't have bet on at start of 2013 regular session.


Best of the Legislature:
Stars Shine in Class of 2013
that's Game-Changing

Biggest freshmen group in four decades features breakout performances with shades of purple in session.


Texas Lobby Power Rankings:
10th Anniversary Chart Reflects Field Where Young Lions Roam

Capitol industry undergoes major transformation as market floods with new star power galore.

Hired Guns Teams
Rising Stars Corporate


Texas Legislature Power Rankings Undergo Session Second Half Shuffle

Texas House Sophomore and Freshmen Rankings Show Power of Position


Texas House Sophomore and Freshmen Rankings Show Power of Position
Committee posts that Straus bestows trump lack of experience in House with seniority premium.


Texas House Committee
Rankings Show Who's on Speaker Wave Length

Texas Legislature Power
Rankings in Countdown
to the Regular Session


Texas House Freshmen
Raised Nearly $13 Million
for Winning Bids in 2012

King and Bonnen tops overall as Villalba ranks first in donor cash with Dem trio among leaders.


Conservatives Have 2-1 Edge Among Republican Rookies
in Early 2013 Rankings

House freshmen fairly evenly divided between tea party types, GOP establishment and Dems.


Texas Fantasy Legislature: Republicans in High Places Enjoy Elite Draft Status
Mock draft for hypothetical league with scoring system and teams and senators, freshmen and Dem minimums.


Best of the Texas General
Election: Dems Capitalize
on Limited Opportunities

Texas Political Consultants Scorecard: Dem Duo Has
Winning Roadmaps


Top 20 Texas Donors Fuel
State Politics with Donations
of Half-Million at Least

Texans who spend $26 million include perennial GOP givers and Dem trial lawyer backers.

Texas House Fundraising
Texas Senate Fundraising
Texas PAC Fundraising


Bipartisan Majority Blocks Push
to Weaken Sunset Bill Proposal

Conservative Opposition Erupts
on PUC Sunset Plan Weapon

Seay Could Have Springboard
as Texas Term Limits Crusader

Texas Senate Gives Term Limits
Measure Strong Show of Support

House Democrat Voices Remorse
in Aftermath of Crash and Arrest

GOP Pair Takes Huge Bill Passing
Lead as Dems File More Overall

Senator Rolls Dice with Pledge
Contract on Beer Compromise

Latest State Lawmaker Arrested
Sought Fine to Cut Down on DWI

Beer Package Faces Uncertain
Future Despite Unanimous Vote

RG3 Gives Legislators Stage
for History Making Ceremony

Fragile Deal Puts Craft Brewer
Bills on Track for Panel Vote

Phone Firm Subsidies Measure
Could Spark Capitol Fireworks

Democrats Would Pick Up Seats
in House Caucus Boss Proposal

Bill Would Put Map Fight to Rest
in Legislation Deadline Deluge

Lawmaker Floats Plan to Limit
Terms that Would Be Longer

Senate Trio Attempts Delicate
Balancing Act in Beer Battle

Lawmaker Envisions Prosperous
Alliance with Ex-Soviet Country

House Doctor Prescribes Fee
on Cigarettes in Recycled Bill

Capitol View and Alamo Museum
Give Bill Deluge Historical Twist

House GOP Pair Take Opposite
Paths on Car Industry Legislation

Freshmen Unity Sign of Times
in House that's Different World

Garcia Wins as Dismal Turnout
Spotlights Challenge for Dems

Industry Fight Sparks Bipartisan
Showdown at the Texas Capitol

Texas School Shooting Might
Not Affect Gun Rights Crusade

GOP Duo Enlists Bipartisan Help
for Bills at Heart of Beer Battle

Online Betting Bill Takes Page
from Playbook in New Jersey

Senate Runoff Gives TLR Shot
at Signature Win on Blue Turf

Garcia Keeps Cash Derby Lead
as SD 6 Price Tag Tops $2 Million

Speaker's Team Not Marching
in Lockstep in Texas Beer Fight

Democrat's Plan Would Legalize
Video Gaming at Bingo Parlors

Emergency Budget Plan Sails
through Texas House Lovefest

Democrat Pulls Trigger Quickly
in Bid for Austin House Opening

Texas Beer War Erupts with Bill
that Splits Wholesalers Sharply

Senate Dem Floats Drug Testing
Measure for Political Candidates

Move to Close Racing Agency
on Drawing Boards at Capitol

Dewhurst Chokes Back Emotion
Amid Character Assault Claims

GOP Senator Enters Liquor Store
Battle in Boost for Bill Advocates

Democrat Runs with Tebow
Home School Bill Texas-Style

Senate Freshman Takes Aim
at Shark Fin Trade in Texas

Tea Party Heat Could Prompt
Legislators to Punt on Game

Aggies Chief Luring Legislative
Football Bout to College Station

Republicans and Democrats Take
Divergent Approaches on Drugs

Perceptions of Bill Filing Decline
Could Be in for Rude Awakening

Texas Liquor Store Limitations
Under Heavy Fire at the Capitol

George P. Faces Tricky Gamble
on Aiming High or Playing Safe

MALC Boss Grills House Leaders
on School Funding Panel Snub

Lawmaker's Interest in AG Race
Could Be Abbott Foreshadowing

House Dem Hopes Ex-GOP Foe's
Support Doesn't Backfire in SD 6

Lawmakers Scramble to Claim
Aggie Star as One of Their Own

Rookies Sponsoring More Than
Six Dozen Measures in House

Ex-Lawmaker's Main Fame Claim
Came as Local Republican Chair

Special Session Prospects Jump
with School Finance Court Ruling

Senator and Regent May Have
Had Temporary Calming Effect

House Budget Panel Features
12 Freshmen and Sophomores

House Speaker Straus Unveils
New Committee Assignments

Tax Dedication Plan Could Give
Texas Highways Some Payback

Rivalry Revival Plan Top Draw
in Parade of Legislation Filing

Perry Backs Tax Refunds Vote
and Some Rainy Day Spending

Rivalry Revival Plan Top Draw
in Parade of Legislation Filing

Garcia and Alvarado Heading
to Overtime Battle for Senate

Bipartisan Medicaid Deal Could
Be Possibility in Texas Wrangling

House Republican Pours Fuel
on Birther Furor with New Bill

Republican Sees Fall Defeat
as Gubernatorial Springboard

New Senate Revenue Panel Has
Potential for Significant Clout

GOP Lawmakers Rally Behind
Gradual Repeal of Business Tax

GOP Lawmakers Rally Behind
Gradual Repeal of Business Tax

Branch Money Machine Rolls
with Statewide Bid Potential

TAB Floats Margins Tax Fixes
and Student Sales Tax Breaks

Abbott Widens Cash Lead Amid
Speculation on Governor Race

GOP Faction Fighting Stage Set
in Texas House Rules Showdown

Rules Fight Showcases Straus
Strength and Dems' Priorities

GOP Faction Fighting Stage Set
in Texas House Rules Showdown

Garcia Seeks to Pin Vouchers
Albatross on Chief SD 6 Rival

Senate Dem Saw Rules Change
Coming Despite Dewhurst Pitch

Lawmaker Backs Pre-Emptive
Strike on Gun Control Measures

Senate Dem Saw Rules Change
Coming Despite Dewhurst Pitch

Horns Have Plurality in Session
Where 90% are College Grads

Senate Republicans Say Sunset
Rule Change Not Zaffirini Slap

Straus Claims Slam-Dunk Victory
in 1st Unanimous Vote in 12 Years

New House Dem Gives Family
Triple Crown on Opening Day

Special House Sessions Emerge
as Dem Idea on Rules Changes

GOP Caucus Chief Hopeful Touts
Plan on Floor Fighting Strategy

Legislator Revives Push to Slap
State Regulations on Sex Shops

Rare Alcohol Regulation Changes
Could Be on Legislature Horizon

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