David Dewhurst Name Pops Up
in White House Conversations

Menendez Runs Risk of Primary
Foe that Trial Lawyers Bankroll

Special Election Leader Falls
Short on Independent's Day

GOP Pair Advance to Overtime
in Race that Had Identity Issues

Longshot Republican Lands Spot
in Special House Runoff Contest

House Hopeful Rips Joe Straus
But Leaves Speaker Door Open

Propaganda Warfare Allegations
Fly in Battle for House Speaker

Lone Republican Pins Hopes
on Partisan Split Opportunity

Texas Parent PAC Tosses Curve
with Torpedo Potential into Race

TLR Spot Best of Both Worlds
for Menendez in Senate Race

Dan Patrick May Be Dangling
Committee Plums as Leverage

Early Voting Already Under Way
in Special Legislative Elections

Straus Base Shows No Cracks
Despite Record Pressure Push

Tort Reform Cash Infusion Could
Be Equalizer in Special Election

Big Jump in Bill Filings for 2015
May Be Deceiving at the Capitol

Tort Reform Cash Infusion Could
Be Equalizer in Special Election

Big Jump in Bill Filings for 2015
May Be Deceiving at the Capitol

Romo Halts Senate Bid Without
Reference to Residence Obstacle

New Patrick Staff Doesn't Have
Hard-Line Conservative Edge

Aggie Regents Put Name Change
on Hold after Opposition Erupts

GOP Celebrates Council Wins
as the Capital City Goes Purple

Texas Recession Fear Could
Boost Oil Industry Leverage

Perry Camp Spawns Cruz Motive
Theory with Straus Accusations

Oil Price Fall Casts Uncertainty
Clouds over Texas Legislature

Perry Passes on Opportunity
for Partisan Gamesmanship

Tesla Fielding Lobby Superstar
Team for Revived Texas Blitz

Senate Freshman Pushes Plan
for Texas HS Playoff Size Limits

New AG's Staff Has Ties at Top
to Guest Star from Winning Race

Warring GOP Forces Could Be
on Colission Course in HD 17

College Playoff Panel Stacked
Against Big 12 from the Start

Kolkhorst Sees Voter Mandate
in Special Senate Race Victory

Cash Edge Not Key to Victory
in Half of Competitive Contests

Kolkhorst Still Distant Second
in Money Despite Stretch Push

Abbott Pick for Policy Post May
Affect Top Insurance Regulator

New Farm Chief Enlists Keel
as Five-Star Hire in Transition

Activist Almost Laps Lawmaker
in Special Senate Bid Spending

Final Product Might Not Reflect
Conservative Capitol Numbers

Early Vote Fuels Kolkhorst Hopes
Despite Torpedoes from GOP Foe

Straus Conservative Ally Enters
GOP Caucus Boss Competition

Speaker on Track to Crack 76
in Caucus in Anomaly Contest

Abbott & Patrick Cast Lobbyists
in Major Roles on Capitol Staffs

Straus One Vote Shy of Victory
on GOP Votes Alone in 2015 Bid

Straus Won't See Title as Omen
Despite Governor's Experience

Flurry of Special Elections Offer
Outside Partisan Gain Chances

Ex-Senator Seeks to Pass Torch
for Kolkhorst Fight with Nemesis

Van de Putte Running for Mayor
as Dems Line Sights with Reality

Juggling Act Could Be Ticket
as Dominos Fall in SE Texas

Speaker Race Strategy Comes
into Focus with Second Wave

Democrats Could Play Deciding
Role in Speaker's Contest Again

New GOP Senator's Staff Chief
Drafted Plan that Sparked Furor

New GOP Senator's Staff Chief
Drafted Plan that Sparked Furor

Spending Cap Fears May Fuel
Dependence on the Democrats

Abbott Secures Black Caucus
Invite in Bridge Building Sign

Patrick Eyes Panel Downsizing
in Move Democrats Will Protest

Tea Party Group Issues Threat
and Warning on Speaker Race

Greg Abbott Keeps Trend Going
with First High-Profile Appointee

Perennial Hopeful Finds Charm
in Fourth Try in Biggest Upset

Dan Patrick Retreat Could Be
Potential Warm Up for Caucus

Perennial Hopeful Finds Charm
in Fourth Try in Biggest Upset

Straight Ticket Voting Shift Gives
Birth to Yellow Dog Republicans

Battleground Texas Gurus See
Invisible Gains in Fall Wipeout

Half-Dozen Dems Could Land
on Super Majority Court List

Republicans Push House Count
Near Century Mark with Upsets

GOP Landslide Buries Democrats
in Texas Up and Down the Ballot

Texas Dems Keep Hopes Alive
on the Eve of Poll Destruction

Major GOP Givers Pour Money
into Races that Catch Fire Late

National Strategist Views Early
Vote with Blue-Tinted Glasses

Famous Name Democrat Reports
Half-Million Senate Bid Jackpot

Job Attack Snafu Propels Race
to High Spot in Watch Rankings

Republicans Widen Money Lead
in House Races Worth Watching

Burton Ad Hits Standard Nerves
with Swing Voter Twist in SD 10

GOP Unleashes Artillery in One
of Two Races in 50-50 Districts

GOP Firm Finds Early Vote Edge
in Major Counties and Key Races

New Poll Features Key Twists
Despite Predictable Forecast

Pink Granite Grapevine Sizzles
on Potential Patrick Staff Chief

GOP Havens See Biggest Jump
in Early Vote Tally Up to Now

Ike Devours Spotlight in TV Ad
War at Center of Political Storm

Postal Vote Push Skirts Voter ID
as Mail Ballot Records Shatter

Early Voting on Skyrocket Track
to Some Conservatives Dismay

Hispanic Wavering in New Poll
Could Be Cause for Dem Angst

Wisconsin Case Worked Against
Texas Dems in Voter ID Revival

Democrats Put End to GOP PAC
Fundraising Dominance in State

Lite Governor Foes Swap Insults
as Patrick Spot Omits Key Points

Abortion Law Setback Suggests
Republicans Overestimated Odds

House Candidates with Fall Foes
Generate $10 Million Combined

TLR Portrays Criss Cash as Debt
of Gratitude for Big Dem Donor

Speaker Team Event May Affect
Separate Leadership Contests

GOP Senators Lavished Praise
on Judge Who Tossed Voter ID

Fall Election Could Be Exactly
What Party in Power Prescribed

GOP Conservatives Join Forces
in Warning on Possible End Run

Hollywood Walk of Fame Pays
Dividends for Davis Campaign

Police Groups Back Dem Despite
Service on Board by Foe's Wife

Dems in Top Target Races Get
Mostyn Money Machine Boost

GOP Gears for Potential Wave
Replay with Underdog Fundin

Business Forces Board Late Train
as Dems Collaborate on DFW Bid

Competition for Campaign Cash
Stirs Speculation on GOP Angst

GOP Expects Little Deviation
from 57 Percent Texas Average

Wider Lead for Abbott Pushes
Texas into Safe GOP Column

Tea Party Muscle More Evident
at Ballot Box than Poll Detects

Poll Finds Davis Outperforming
Running Mate in Surprise Twist

Republican Decries Foe's Poll
that Paints Tale of Two Races

Democrat Hopes to Crack Trend
with Poll Showing Close Contest

Davis Slams Abbott on Ruling
that Sparks Memories of 1997

Lite Gov Hopefuls Trade Shots
on Hot Button Topics at Debate

Cruz Emergence on Straus Ally's
Behalf Could Have Ramifications

Business Bait Fund Report Could
Hurt Worse than Criminal Saga

Ted Cruz Takes Guest Star Role
to Counter Battleground Texas

Coattail Visions Gave Democrats
False Hope in Trend Vote State

Sullivans Warns on Potential
for Straus News Control Push

Wendy Davis Sees Semantics
as Weapon in Catch Up Play

Cowgirl Boots Could Have Value
that's Subliminal in New Video

GOP Firm Feeds Partisan Fire
with Perry Grand Jury Analysis

House Republican Lands Support
from Senator for Special Contest

GOP Caucus Boss Hopeful Keeps
Cards to Chest on Speaker Race

Wendy Davis Needed Blowout
Win that Failed to Materialize

Poll Shows Davis Falling Short
in Quest for Votes in Key Blocs

TMA Could Hit Tea Party Nerve
with SD 10 Endorsement Plans

Wendy Davis Hopes ACL Raffle
is Winning Gimmick War Ticket

House Race Soars Up Watch List
Amid Border Straight-Shooting

Patrick Lands TMA Endorsement
Despite Expansion Disagreement

Patrick Lands TMA Endorsement
Despite Expansion Disagreement

Ex-Judge Could Get Major Plum
in Senate Chair Lineup Shuffle

Democrats Seek to Capitalize
on NFL Star Troubles in Texas

Future Senate Conservatives
Seek Solidarity as Voting Bloc

Internal Polling Tells Candidates
What They Want to Hear in Texas

Davis Pleads No Connection
as Foes Try to Call Her Bluff

Davis Pleads No Connection
as Foes Try to Call Her Bluff

Davis Pleads No Connection
as Foes Try to Call Her Bluff

House Republican Claims Win
in Special State Senate Election

Pro-Life Group Portrays Davis
as Hypocrite with Cold Heart

Perry Team Spices Up Defense
with Warning on Power Assault

Davis Seeks Splash in Uncharted
Waters with Past Self-Exposure

Van de Putte Depicts GOP Rival
as Anti-School Partisan Obstacle

Davis Recycles Abbott Criticism
that Raised Credibility Questions

Texas Tesla Setback Could Be
Wake Up Call at State Capitol

GOP Lawmaker Kicks Cash Quest
into High Gear in Senate Contest

Greg Abbott Pulls Silver Lining
from Playbook with New Spot

Poll Shows Ken Paxton on Track
for Blowout Win Despite Furor

Down-Ballot Campaigns Looking
for Love at the Labor Day Restart

Abbott Does Double Flip Flop
with Dallas Debate Juggling

Patrick Gives Artistic Semantics
Lesson that Dems Decry as Lie

School Finance Ruling Could
Inspire 1992 Plan Resurrection

GOP Speaker Allies Doing Battle
for Caucus Leadership Opening

Governor Draws Conservatives
Wrath with New Team Additions

New Texas Governor Could Face
Pardon Dilemma on Predecessor

Democrats Liken Perry Behavior
to TV Show on Killer Politician

Ex-Senator's Daughter who DA
Beat Emerges in Governor Case

Governor Nominees Missing
in Reaction on Perry Saga

Perry Puts Faith in Trial Lawyer
Despite Potential for Backlash

Democrats Can Probably Plan
on Kissing the PIU Goodbye

Perry Ice Cream Photo Worth
Thousand Words on Persona

Texas Legislator Envisions State
Military Operations Across River

GOP Lawmaker Calls for State
Probes on DA's Car Wreck Costs

MQS Blames GOP Speaker Allies
for Setting Stage for Indictments

Lame Duck Love Doesn't Inspire
Major Wagon Circling for Perry

Perry Decries Theatrical Travesty
and Vows that Accusers Will Pay

Judge and Special Prosecutor
Looked Perry Friendly at First

GOP Governor Learns Hard Way
Don't Mess with Travis County

State Senators Trade Soft Jabs
Amid Plans for Lite Gov Debate

TMA Backs Lawmaker's Rival
in Special Senate Competition

House Incumbents Have Mixed
Track Record in Special Races

Tea Party Triumphs in Six Out
of Every 10 Competitive Races

Special Senate Win May Prompt
GOP Lawmaker Strategy Check

Creighton Cruises to Victory
after Bridging Divide in GOP

Governor Defies His Own Trend
with Final Two Election Orders

Toth Faces Goliath Challenge
Despite Hopes for 2012 Replay

Texas Conservatives Do Turns
of 180 Degrees on Some Items

Special Ops Boss May Not Toe
Line that UT Regents Envision

Perry Blasts Congress in Move
that May Be Viewed as Cruz Jab

Creighton Widens Money Lead
Despite Catching Heat on Border

Ex-Lawmaker's Emergence May
Be Double-Edge Sword for Rivals

Lawmaker Not Setting Sights Yet
on Promotion Bid Despite Signs

Coming on Strong Won't Change
Bottom Line for Longhorn Coach

GOP Senate Nominees Team Up
to Fight Historical Race Betting

Tea Party Lawmaker Triggers
Furor with Border Compassion

Dem Taps Grassroots Network
as Senate Top 10 Splits Evenly

Texas House Cash Leader Board
Has Republican Super Majority

Early SD 28 Vote Date Conjures
Bush-Perry Proxy Fight Visions

MQS Battle Shifts to Courthouse
in Case with Precedent Potential

Lawmaker Says Perry Killing
Border Business and Image

Military Operation on Border
Could Cost State $400 Million

Perry Could Make Giant Waves
with Border Crisis Guard Order

Dan Patrick May Feel Slighted
in Senate Leadership Choices

Senate Gets Most Conservative
Finance Boss Ever in Overhaul

Texas Lawmaker Gives Clinic
in Art of Political Reinvention

Total Statewide Battle Tab Tops
$95 Million as Red Brings Green

Former Bush Team Player Posts
Big Money Totals in Senate Bid

Scott Turner Nears $400,000 Mark
Despite Fundraising Slowdown

Kolkhorst Pads Potential Senate
Bid War Chest with Hefty Loan

MALC Boss Recycles GOP Insult
in Rebuke to Apology Demands

Lobbyist Had Been Key Capitol
Figure for the Past Four Decades

MQS Warns GOP Lawmakers
on Head in Sand Complicity

Abbott May Raise Cash at Place
that Top Clinton Fundraiser Built

Obama Austin Host Made Films
that Led to Court Fight with State

UT President Power Could See
Abbott as Potential Salvation

GOP Lawmaker Blasts Ruling
by Lame Duck Perry Appointee

Obama Travel Plans Have GOP
Howling with No Stop at Border

Slim Turnover Potential Boosts
Focus on High Priority Battles

Straus Launches Special Mission
on Fiscal Effects of Border Action

Abortion Deleted from Democrat
Lingo Despite Ticket Inspiration

LSP Seeks to Tie Straus Team
to Paxton Dumping Conspiracy

Tea Party Leader Views State's
Action on the Border as Theater

Texas Democrats Show Signs
of Resurrection at Convention

Dem Women Come Out Swinging
at GOP Foes at State Convention

Dem Boss Sees Crossover Wave
Fueled by GOP Tea Party Craze

Most Powerful Texas Democrat
Rankings Strong on Family Ties

Democrats Kick Off Convention
with Media Ban at Fundraiser

Ethics Panel Chief Offers Harsh
Assessment of Defense Tactics

Joe Straus Foe Refuses to Testify
as Lobbyist Acknowledges Role

Pro-Lifer Sees TEC Case as RINO
Scam Aimed at Gagging Critics

Border Gamesmanship Escalates
as Davis Backs Additonal Actions

Border Gamesmanship Escalates
as Davis Backs Additonal Actions

GOP Leaders Steal Dem Thunder
with First Move in Border Crisis

Straus Creates Panel to Venture
into Perry Turf on Business Bait

Hance Gets Overtures on Special
Election for Senate Seat He Hel

State Lawmaker Sees Potential
for Growing Speaker Race Field

GOP Damage Control Under Way
with Platform Defensive in Valley

Fracking Fight Could Be No-Win
Deal for 2015 Texas Legislature

Patrick Favors Emergency Outlay
Without Need for Special Session

Speculation Bubbles on Possible
Border Security Special Session

Perry and GOP Give Texas Dems
Arsensal of Fresh Attack Material

Straus Foes See Defeat in Tea
Party Convention Coup Spoils

Cruz Boost Could Be Better Late
than Never for Pete Sessions Bid

Top Campaign Pros Contributed
in Variety of Unique Ways in OT

Texas Tea Party Leader Decries
Personal Attacks on Immigration

Party Unity Grand Old Delusion
as Texas Tea Party Era Begins

Straus Foe Vows High Road Race
that Reaches Across Party Lines

GOP Straw Poll Has Poison Pill
Potential for Outgoing Governor

Abbott Brands Davis as Puppet
Who Had Nerve to Trash Texas

Dan Patrick Immigration Package
Gains Steam in GOP Showdown

Perry Builds Support at Confab
for Possible August Senate Fight

GOP House Speaker Makes Silent
Convention Cameo Appearance

Texas GOP Throwing Biggest
Tea Party Since Boston Harbor

Major Party Player Had Dem PAC
on Track for Fundraising Records

Rand Paul Casting Has Potential
to Trigger Tea Party Angst in FW

Right to Life Group Sounds Alarm
on RINO Convention Insurgence

Democrats Seek to Exploit GOP
Tea Party Marriage in Fall Fights

Straus Team Engineers Rebound
Wins in Pivotal Runoffs for House

Early Vote Tally Could Throw
Wrench into Turnout Forecast

OT Fight with Record Price Tag
May Have Barn-Burner Potential

Early Exit Could Leave Openings
on Both Sides of Capitol Rotunda

RRC Race Takes Unbeaten Path
to Watch List Pinnacle in Stretch

Miller's Camp Says Trial Lawyers
and Liberals Behind Complaint

House Money Leaders Hope
Cash Edge Worth More in OT

Kinky Hopes Money Advantage
Translates to Votes at OT Polls

Lawmakers Float Paxton Loans
as Patrick Turns to Dr. Leininger

Early Vote Plunge Could Be Sign
that Runoff Ad Attacks Paying Off

Duncan Hiring for Top Tech Post
Sparks Special Senate Scramble

House Hopeful Accuses Group
of Putting His Family in Danger

Patrick Gets Head Start on Taxes
with Special Committee Creation

Group that Backed Straus Allies
Takes Aim at Runoff Contender

Governor May Venture into GOP
Feud with Runoff Endorsement

Patrick Says Foe Firing Blanks
Despite Patterson Testimonial

U.S. Speaker Heading for Hills
for LaMantia Ranch Fundraiser

Doctors Get Rare Underdog View
with Texas Runoff Endorsements

Creighton Sails to Big SD 4 Lead
as Toth Advances to OT as Well

Special Panel's United Front May
Be History Amid Sudden Swerve

GOP Lawmaker Cites IRS Audits
Suspicion in Turnabout on Bill

RRC Boss Back Branch in Runoff
in Twist with Major Significance

Democrats Would Be Desperate
No More with Eva on the Ticket

Democrats Seize on Word War
in Final GOP Lite Gov Debate

Bunch Stock May Be on Upswing
Despite Frontrunner Perceptions

Chavez Sees Poll as Good News
that's Sign of Bad Things Coming

Caucus Captain Has Boatload
of Cash for Special Senate Bid

Dewhurst Hopes Land Boss Didn't
Pull Trigger Too Late on Support

TLR Backs Tea Party Candidates
in Sign of Changing Texas Times

Cruz Could Deal Long-Distance
Death Blow to Dark Money Plan

Empower Texans Wants State
Court to Officiate in Ethics Case

Dems Show Patrick Preference
with Dewhurst Attack Web Site

Toyota Suggests Perry Crusade
Wasn't Factor in Move to Plano

Runoff Attack May Be Trouble
Sign for Tea Party Marriage

Hottest Runoffs Have Potential
for Upsets in Power PAC's View

Miller Holds Ground as First State
Politico to Cry Foul in Land Feud

Police Group that Backs Branch
Rips Paxton for Ducking Outcry

Freshman Senator Rolls Dice
as Host for Patrick Fundraisers

Creighton Gets Super Ad Fodder
with Endorsement that Toth Wins

State Senator Targets Himself
in Disclosure Omissions Probe

Red-Light Camera Wrath Could
Be Fuel for Creighton Optimism

Abbott Pulls Trigger in Gun Case
that's Delicate Issue for Dem Foe

Willie Rides to Wendy Rescue
after Backing Kinky in Past Bids

Ex-Dem Governor Warns Hegar
on Texas Voter Tax Hike Wrath

Davis Attack Strategy Distracted
by Surgery, Poll and Arson Case

Perry School Boss Goes Against
Tea Party Grain with Takeover

Farm Boss Hopeful Wants Texas
Military on Fed Range War Alert

Democrats Hope Academy Award
is Harbinger for Wins at the Polls

GOP Elected Officials Surface
in Oil Group Boss Speculation

TLR Might Have Opened Gates
with Runoff Endorsement Switch

DNC Puts Weight Behind Texas
Voter Rights Crusade with Hiring

Ex-Lawmaker Spouse Surfaces
in Special Election Speculation

Ex-RRC Chief Backs Runner-Up
while Ripping Former Colleague

Cotten Brands Miller Accusations
False as Overtime Fireworks Fly

Duncan May Run into Resistance
if Perry Backs Davis Law Partner

Perry and Ex-Highway Chief May
Not See Eye to Eye on Opening

Miller Says Ex-Rival Endorsement
that Merritt is Touting Had Strings

Dem Nominee Takes GOP Page
with Ad that Rips Foe on Taxes

Lawmaker with Moderate Grades
Takes Turn to Right in AG Runoff

GOP Power Pair May Be Mostyn
Allies in House Runoff in El Paso

Senate Hopeful May Put Advisor
in Bind By Diving into AG Battle

Senate Hopeful Makes Up-Front
Condition for Meetings in Austin

Clinton Valley Host Controls PAC
that's Been Major Abbott Donor

Republicans Who've Run to Right
Catch Heat on Taxes and Ethics

Mayor Hopes Ex-Rival's Support
Will Have Equalizer Effect in OT

Senators Scramble on Tradition
Protection Amid Patrick Surge

Dan Branch Says Critic Spinning
Lies on House Abortion Debate

New Poll Detects Mixed Feelings
on Nugent and Davis Bio Effects

Ex-Soldier Who Ran Third Rallies
Behind Challenger in GOP Runoff

Ex-Soldier Who Ran Third Rallies
Behind Challenger in GOP Runoff

Group Plans Debate that Draws
Patrick Protest on Media Access

Dewhurst Poised to Pump Record
Sum of Personal Funds into OT

New GOP Group Aims to Counter
Democrats' Push for Women Vote

House GOP Trio Names Emerge
in Early Senate Race Scramble

Some State House Conservatives
Urge Colleague to Drop AG Bid

David Dewhurst May Feel Pressure
for Early Exit from Business Forces

Hilderbran Takes One for Team
By Cancelling Runoff Campaign

Senator Falls 94 Votes Short
of Round One Statewide Win

GOP Lawmaker Faces Tough Call
on Keeping Bid Alive for Runoff

Voters Steer Texas GOP Sharply
to Right in Texas Primary Races

Speaker Team Takes Hits But
Escapes Fatal Primary Damage

Voters Steer Texas GOP Sharply
to Right in Texas Primary Races

Speaker Team Takes Hits But
Escapes Fatal Primary Damage

Conservatives Seize Early Leads
in Statewide Primary Contests

Conservatives Seize Early Leads
in Statewide Primary Contests

GOP Speaker Challenger Raises
About $250,000 in Just Six Weeks

Incumbents Favored in Primary
Fights that End at Polls Tuesday

Political Assault Report Rekindles
Visions of Ex-Lawmaker Shooting

Democrat with Biggest War Chest
Livens Pitch with Assault Report

Newspaper Stands Firm on Story
Despite Fierce Stickland Criticism

Leininger Gives Patrick Cash Late
in Sign Hibernation May Be Over

Lawmaker Says Liberal Media
Took Bait on Bogus Allegations

TLR Assails Trial Lawyer Tactic
as Shell Game for Court Battles

Straus Allies Shift Fundraising
to High Gear in Leadership War

GOP Senator Accuses Lawyer
PAC of Fabricating Information

GOP AG Hopefuls Spend Same
as Lieutenant Gov Candidates

State Senate Challengers Ride
Wave of Red Ink into Last Week

Senator Decries Foe's Tactics
Amid Cruz Intervention Talk

Cruz Primary Neutrality Pledge
Doesn't Apply in Senate Battle

Conservative Radio Host Gives
Blessings to Court Challengers

Senator Portrayed as Bully Boss
as Primary Fight Gets Personal

RLC Slams Cornyn and Patrick
as Token Abbott Foes Get Nod

Big Undecideds Give Candidates
Cause for Confidence and Angst

PAC Cash Leader Board Reflects
Dem Coordinated Push Revival

Internet Video Accuses Groups
of Deceptive Vote Buying Effort

Key Lawmaker Warns TxDOT
Against Bypassing Sunset Edict

Button Critics Say She Lost Cool
When Grilled on Dem Donations

House Republican Draws Davis
Comparison in
Wreck Saga Flap

GOP Hispanic Lawmaker Urges
Chill on Immigration Dialogue

Incumbents Warfare Engagement
Propel House Fights Up Rankings

Clever Worse than Wendy Tactic
Could Be a Double-Edge Sword

El Paso Challengers Get Mostyn
Infusion with Jim Dunnam Assist

Trial Lawyers Fuel Pair of PACs
as High Court Hangs in Balance

Texas House Cash Leader Board:
Threat Perceptions Fuel Efforts

GOP House Hopeful Cancels Bid
Amid Praise Shower from Rival

Carona Seven-Digit Loan Helps
Push Primary Price to $4 Million

State Senator's Camp Confident
on Hopes of Avoiding Overtime

Hilderbran Gets Significant Boost
with Doctors Support in Primary

GOP Lawmaker Dares Opponent
to Come Clean on Crime Record

Small Group Sweep Big Three
in Conservative Support Derby

Austin Democrat Sails to Victory
as Expected in Special Contest

Perry Appointment Sparks Furor
that May Put AG in Tense Place

GOP RRC Candidate Falls Victim
to Stranded Traveler Hack Scam

Dem Group Defends Donations
from Contender for U.S. Senate

Governor Pot Reform Pledge
Triggers Aftershock on Twitter

PAC Backs Conservative House
Candidates in Primary Battles

GOP Candidate Sounds Alarm
on Foe's Ex-Eiland Donor Cash

Straus Parents Donate to GOP
Challenger in Senate Battle

Straus Team Gives Allies Cash
for Primary Contests in 2014

Senate Candidate's Admission
Resembles Pre-Emptive Strike

Forty Legislative Candidates
Gain Six-Figure Club Entrance

Statewide Candidates Set Torrid
Pace with $57 Million Cash Haul

Texas House and Senate Race
Money Leaders for 2014 Primary

PAC Cash Could Complicate
Patrick Image Reinforcement

Creighton Raises Most for SD 4
Contest Despite Downshifting

Red Ink Tab Tops $4 Million Mark
for 2014 State Level Campaigns

House Hopeful Shatters Record
with Million Dollar Haul in 2013

Senate Races Have Dramatic
Cost Disparities in Big Cities

YCT Says Miller Only Authentic
Conservative in Ag Boss Battle

State Senator Gets AWOL Tag
Despite Lead Role on Most Bills

Law Enforcement Group Brands
House Freshman as Historic Flop

Lt. Gov Race All Over the Map
with Campaign Publicity Pitches

Turner Speaker Race Not Topic
at Meeting on Eve of Bid Launch

NFL Ex with Tea Party Fan Base
Mentioned as Speaker Possibility

Paxton Lands Key Endorsement
from Ex-Dallas Cowboy and Pilot

Dan Branch Unveils Marquee
Donor List with a Few Twists

Tea Party Crusader Gets Boost
with Thumbs Up from Marchant

Patrick Heat on Finance Vacancy
Has Myriad of Potential Spinoffs

Davis Camp Fumbles AG Attack
But Sticks to Story on Lenders

New Longhorns Coach Emerges
from Politics Elimination Process

Democrat Says Hegar Abortion
Role Irrelevant in Statewide Bid

Consultant Shoots Down Claims
on Straus Role in Primary Fights

High Times Colorado-Style
Won't Fly in Tea Party Texas

GOP Lawmaker Accuses Foe
of Serving Up Bottled Rhetoric


Liz and David White

Texas Power Couple List
Grows with High-Ranking
Hires at Statewide Shops

Campaign consultants wives land prime public parts in staff overhauls as spouse teams flex added muscle at Capitol.


Political Consultants Scorecard: Winning Isn't Everything in Wave Grade
Strategist who pulled rug on foes rosy claims and hands-on local expert share MVP honors on all-star team for fall.


Best of the General Election: Coastal Comeback Surpasses Predictions on Photo Finish
Open race rebound relied on good defense to prevent hurricane haunting as forgotten county tips final scale.


Best of the General Election: Challenger Turned Liability
to Asset with Sincerity Charm

Underdog who seemed clueless at first gets in position to ride red wave with grit, guts and rare authenticity for politico world.

Rick Galindo


Greg Abbott

Best of the General Election: Governor-Elect's Campaign Was Borderline Masterpiece
Republican left superstar foe staggered with bid that played to his strengths while exploiting her own in tour de force showing.


Best of the General Election: Lawmaker Avoids Partisan Traps with Personal Touch
South Texan who spurned Dems holds ground on high road despite attacks as GOP's first winner ever in home county Jim Wells.




Texas General Election Hottest Legislative Race Rankings for Fall 2014
National climate has GOP hopes high as fights for Dem seats emerging on radar for first time as vote nears.


Greg Abbott
Wendy Davis

Governor's Race Primer:
Greg Abbott vs. Wendy Davis
Facts and Stats and More

Republicans foresee double-digit win as contenders head full speed toward finish line - polling, ads, bios, money and more.



Veteran GOP Strategists Cast as Guardian Angels in Best Runoff Performances
Top 10 rankings for primary and OT include pair that took damage control to new level in marquee fights.


Best of the Texas Primary
Runoff Elections: Tea Party Wave Coattails Fizzle

Top overtime performances defied conservative domination in statewide races in sign establisment not dead yet.



Best of the Texas Primary Elections: Conservatives Steal Show in First Vote
Top performances in races for state offices in primary.

Legislative Statewide
Challenger Incumbent


Statewide Runoff Contests
Follow the Tea Party Script

Legislative Overtime Bouts
Have Distinct Dividing Line


Most Valuable Strategist
Makes Tea Party Splash
in Primary Report Card

Ex-lawmaker's kid leads clients to low cost underdog victories in post-round one points count.



Races to Watch

Top 25 Primary Battles
for the Texas Legislature
with Incumbents vs. Foes

Hottest Open Fights for State
House and Senate in the 2014 Texas Primary Election


Most Valuable Primary Endorsements for GOP Candidates in Texas
Empower Texans, tort reform giant and Houston group with hybrid support value are good friends to have in round one.



2014 Statewide Lineup

Texas House Candidates
Texas Senate Candidates

Congressional Hopefuls


Best of the Legislature: Special Session Best Put Fires Out or Started Them
Lame duck didn't act like it as top performers passed plans or capitalized on them from political perspective.


Best of the Legislature: Heroes Emerge as Unique
Session Smoke Clears

Top performances feature predictables and others you wouldn't have bet on at start of 2013 regular session.


Best of the Legislature:
Stars Shine in Class of 2013
that's Game-Changing

Biggest freshmen group in four decades features breakout performances with shades of purple in session.


Texas Lobby Power Rankings:
10th Anniversary Chart Reflects Field Where Young Lions Roam

Capitol industry undergoes major transformation as market floods with new star power galore.

Hired Guns Teams
Rising Stars Corporate


Texas Legislature Power Rankings Undergo Session Second Half Shuffle

Texas House Sophomore and Freshmen Rankings Show Power of Position


Texas House Sophomore and Freshmen Rankings Show Power of Position
Committee posts that Straus bestows trump lack of experience in House with seniority premium.


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